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Sky say that liverpool have dropped their interest in him ??
14th Jul 2013 17:37
14th Jul 2013 17:53
"Sky is bull... you know, you know."
14th Jul 2013 17:55
"Door closed for Liverpool then according to Sky Sources."
14th Jul 2013 18:15
"Coutinho_Magic yes i also saw this on SkySports News says we are not interested in him or bertrand"
14th Jul 2013 18:25
"Well our main targets now must be Bernard and Toby ?"
14th Jul 2013 18:48
"no sky is not right. we have certain interest n eriksen, he would be the logical replacement to look at after kh went. there is however no real interest in bernand or whatever his name is. it will be eriksen and toby"
14th Jul 2013 18:50
"Despite what SKY says, de Boer mentions Liverpool specifically and no one else. This gives me hope and would leave me to believe that there is something going on there. Fingers crossed!!"
14th Jul 2013 18:51
"here is proof that you s dont know sht bout football. this came out today by sky end of."
14th Jul 2013 19:05
"where is it written on sky? cause i cant find it. if true than i just cant think who else to get"
14th Jul 2013 19:07
"is it on those videos they post?"
14th Jul 2013 19:12
"Been watching sky sports news,have'nt come across this story on there,nothing on sky sports news website either."
14th Jul 2013 19:28
"Just checked odds on erikson joining us and they hav'nt changed he's 4/6 ."
14th Jul 2013 20:15
"we are not going to buy any players and is seem BR is already done with this summer transfer .game over ."
14th Jul 2013 20:25
"sign him b4 other club snatch 4 the future..YNWA.."
Natural Poolie
14th Jul 2013 20:35
"Get the Ajax pair swap Suarez for Higuain and £15 mill, use the £15 Mill to get Bernard, sorted lol not me that mentioned Higuain by the way, it was said on another thread that it was a rumour from the Madrid camp."
14th Jul 2013 20:38
"de boer's comment gives me the impression Eriksen wants Liverpool "
14th Jul 2013 21:03
"plz guys dont blame rodgers if we dont get this pair. im sure you know who the real culprits are."
14th Jul 2013 21:25
"StRoth if you read the comments properly we were quoting what it said on SkySports News not what we thought.why are all your comments so negative ? & just to clarify it was on SkySports News Channel not website"
14th Jul 2013 21:33
"Carson1 if you wait long enough it will show up it also says Sky Sources so there may be no truth in it but never know. im hoping its false we really need at least 1 world class player"
14th Jul 2013 22:14
"I sitting on the fence about any speculation untillkthey sign on the dotted line..Far too many let downs with the constant linking of players we seem to get..Half of it is completely false and lies but its best we just trust our club to do the right thing and wait and see"
14th Jul 2013 22:24
"AlexLFC. We have world class players already. Guess all we can do is wait and see but there is other top quality players out there, personally I would prefer Bernard. "
14th Jul 2013 22:43
"storm69... did you listen to BR the other day? about buying for the squad now its time to buy for the starting 11?"
14th Jul 2013 22:46
"He will go to Dortmund, im glad to see the players we are interested in are the same players that the champions league finalists are looking at. very positive"
14th Jul 2013 23:03
"This signing..... would give the word colossal a new meaning.."
14th Jul 2013 23:20
":) Bernard or Eriksen... Eriksen for me because he is Danish but Bernard is equally good as a footballer, and furthermore, I hope sky continues to say we are not interested because we will have to deal with Tottenham if the do not... but if they are right then Suraez is also.. these guys do not want top 4.."
14th Jul 2013 23:21
"I really would love ro get eriksen and bernard. But definitely NOT Bertrand! "
14th Jul 2013 23:24
"The reason I prefer Danish is it will be easyer for him to adapt, he can be home in a couple of hours if needed and so on.. this matters.."
14th Jul 2013 23:54
"Seriously sign him already wat are you waitin for Brendan? Potential Gerrard replacement in few years to come!! "
15th Jul 2013 0:18
"Personally, Bernard is the better player. "
15th Jul 2013 0:49
"Bernard and Eriksen, one of the two has to come to Liverpool!"
15th Jul 2013 1:00
"Well, we just have to wait and see. I trust BR will do what he said about signing starting 11 players as our next moves. Either Eriksen or Bernard would be fantastic for us, as long as we get one of them."
15th Jul 2013 1:39
"Be interesting to see how we would accommodate both Coutinho and Eriksen should they he come, unless Coutinho is to be played out wide with Eriksen in the middle. Still I'll wait until something concrete comes out of the club."
15th Jul 2013 3:19
"Coutinho operates best as a LW and Eriksen is basically an AM. Aspas RW, Gerard and Lucas holding MF. Sturridge/Suarez CF. Well that's quite a decent team to me with Kelly.Toby.Agger.Enrique/Johnson at the back. Others play as and when required tactically."
15th Jul 2013 5:52
"Uhui.. mantab. Can be lethal attacking with coutinho."
15th Jul 2013 6:07
"Relax guys .m this is coming from GOAL.Com ... according to them we are also in for Pele but not him at his old age but Pele as a 25 year old ... oh yeah also Shanks is back as head coach ... this all from the Sources FYI:- goals sources is their figment of own imagination "
15th Jul 2013 6:47
"If we want suarez to stay getting quality players such as eriksen will be a major help, eriksen, coutinho, gerrard and suarez all of the same field together... Imagine that"
15th Jul 2013 7:52
"Please liverpool , get him cause this is our greatest chance or not,this sucks and try to focus and capture on bernard from atletico mineiro "
Bib l f c
15th Jul 2013 8:16
"He is quality"
15th Jul 2013 8:18
"LATEST: WE ARE SCOUTING ELVIS. THE BEATLES ARE BEING LINED UP AS WELL!Haha, you guys all need to take some chill pills coz we aint signing NONE of these players. Maybe alonso to keep gerry happy:)"
15th Jul 2013 8:49
"come on hurry up..sell suarez if he insists to leave at any club he wants to go..and go for eriksen and alderweird before they sign new deal at ajax..!"
15th Jul 2013 9:04
15th Jul 2013 13:02
"luis7??914th Jul 2013 17:55 no point the door is open if we seems not interested to step inside"