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Expect spurs to bid for downing in next 24 hours
14th Jul 2013 16:56
14th Jul 2013 17:31
"this article would fit in better on the spurs website!"
14th Jul 2013 20:49
"Don't give a shi.t.e about who Spurs are about to sign :)"
14th Jul 2013 21:04
"i wonder how yesil is doing? he's he developing and improving or is he still injured? i truly believed we had a young star in him but things have died off now"
Natural Poolie
14th Jul 2013 21:19
"Binomial, you serious or taking the proverbial? We wouldn't be that lucky surely!"
14th Jul 2013 23:26
"Next next next next... what ever happened to current or promising.."
14th Jul 2013 23:28
"I hope we dont go for anymore young players and the club stick to the plan of bringing in first team talent. Eriksen, bernard.and a striker if luis goes"
15th Jul 2013 1:03
"Never heard of this guy. I don't think we are in for him."
15th Jul 2013 1:20
"Not heard of this kid. Could be a good player in the future but I'd prefer us to develop the young strikers we've got at the club like Sinclair, Yesil, Morgan, Pacheco, etc..."
15th Jul 2013 3:26
" Binomial:- We Should keep downing until at least we get more quality in our squad even on the bench ... he has improved heaps last season plus can play LB in emergency, so before we sell him we will need another Summer Transfer Window to get a quality Winger and LB as back up to what we have, Depth is what we need and we dont have depth in Defense "
Bajan Billy
15th Jul 2013 3:54
"Just get Bernard pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........."
15th Jul 2013 10:22
"Spurs bringing Teddy Sheringham and Garth Crooks out of retirement to win them the CL next season. ... Who really cares about Spurs!!! .... please stick to how LFC is coping with transfer target. ... and do us a favour and leave the bullters out. "
15th Jul 2013 11:06
"If we were linked with bringing Emile Heskey back to Anfield, then spurs would be linked with him the next day haha!"
15th Jul 2013 14:41
"No way they are getting him for that cheap. HJK has said they will only sell him for 2mil+ Also Leverkusen is intrested and we all know whos in charge there so you would understand why Joel would want to go there. He would be great for LFC tho if we could get him, hat trick in 3 minutes on his first mens league match lol :D"
15th Jul 2013 14:53
"Pohjanpalo will be okay for just 1Million pounds"
I told you so
15th Jul 2013 15:11
"Lets go after some Spurs targets and mess up their plans for once, rather than them grabbing ours.. Although I'm actually glad they got Dempsey and Sigurdson tbh.. Sad to say, but we are competing with them and gooners for 4th, so any advantage we get over them is important imo."