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great news. id love to have eriksen and alderweireld. eriksen is pure class and alderweireld would be incredible competition for skrtel. also its rumoured bertrand would be in the deal for chelsea to clinch suarez???? bertrand is great but not that good. if we got a player from chelsea id want lukaku
14th Jul 2013 16:23
14th Jul 2013 16:29
Innocent man
14th Jul 2013 16:35
"Please BR, be fast in signing this guy before other clubs get him.we need good MF addition to SG.let this rumor stop here,so that you can concentrate on defence and another good striker if Suarez leave.NYWA."
Innocent man
14th Jul 2013 16:37
"sign him fast please BR to enable you move ahead before other club do."
14th Jul 2013 16:46
"yes, he's class. Check out 1.38 in to this link"
14th Jul 2013 17:03
"Sky sources saying he is no longer a target. BS media crap yet again. I will be furious with BR if a top signing is not made. "
14th Jul 2013 17:06
"'If Liverpool go back to really good possession play, it can be a success for Christian. But it does mean that their entire way of playing has to change.,mmm i thought that was wat brendan was trying to do ? "
14th Jul 2013 17:28
"sky sources stating we r not interested in Bertrand or Eriksen so the guessing/speculation continues!"
14th Jul 2013 17:38
"i dnt want to hear stories just get him"
14th Jul 2013 18:45
"FSG must be setting these rumours up just to keep fans happy, first is was Henrik M/K went to Dort ,Jovetic was next and he went to City, now Eriksen and Alderweireld Spurs will get Eriksen but we need Toby big time along with Sahko "
ecstatic Kop
14th Jul 2013 20:43
"I wil believe it till see he at melwood"
14th Jul 2013 21:08
"luis7??9 dont blame rodgers. he's not the one shelling out the money. you know who the real culprits are? even i'm upset if it doesnt happen but i wont blame BR. he's doing his best with what we have."
14th Jul 2013 23:32
"Its in now way the gaffers fault. He identifies the targets and the club try and make it happen. I do hope eriksen is a target. And Bernard. But not bertrand"
15th Jul 2013 2:26
"How on earth would us being linked to players the fans want and then "missing" out on them keep us happy. The papers make the links not Fsg...thats bit of a silly comment. "
15th Jul 2013 2:50
"where does it say on sky that we are not interested? Isn't on the site... Tho they too are just media, they have no more of a clue. Only think they do cause they dont say players have signed until its done, unlike papers and gossip sites."