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First half- Coutinho! Second half- Aspas!
14th Jul 2013 11:25
14th Jul 2013 11:57
"The only player that didn't fair well for me was Fabio Borini."
14th Jul 2013 13:55
"powerful images of quartet :) ! much more powerful! First half- Team ! Second half- Team !"
14th Jul 2013 15:40
"Bernard, Yilmaz would give us an very strong attack! Then adding Alderweireld team would be strong."
Vosta Lee
14th Jul 2013 16:26
"Kolo looks really lean and fit. I have a good feeling about this coming season. Nice photo of Kolo towering over opposition for a header."
14th Jul 2013 19:56
"Still no photos of the Shankly Shield - why not?! YNWA"
14th Jul 2013 20:28
"group look very fit raring to go "
15th Jul 2013 0:25
"If you're a photographer and the game is football why are they mainly focussing on their torso and face-in my humble opinion a full body shot would've been expected. Good to see all angles etc"
15th Jul 2013 0:50
"I kept myself from posting anything last season... 2012-2013, Gave BR a little time to develop, This season 2013-2014 the honeymoon is over.. So far I see a Barca, Or should I say Chelsea B team is what we long term fans have to watch this season.. LFC isn't going anywhere under BR Management "
15th Jul 2013 10:09
"NYC-LFC... You should go to the doctors for a check up. This is the season were BR will be putting his stamp on the team. Expect more sighings and a top four finish. Chelsea B team. Are you having a Giraffe? "