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Bring Bernard and the team is closed!
14th Jul 2013 10:12
14th Jul 2013 11:09
"Nothing new here really, Liverpool have been doing this for thirty years and like Alex sais himself Carra played 4 positions actually 6 before he became a centerback. This is the correct way ti go about those things. A good player uses tactics like a mason uses tools."
14th Jul 2013 11:59
"I agree with you LFCcometoBrazil2014 Ive been singing that for some time now. Hope we get him for real. LFC Bernard come on!!!"
carras girl 62
14th Jul 2013 13:46
"Carra is an example to all youngsters both on and off the pitch. toure needs to stop saying he is his replacement cos no one can replace Carra"
14th Jul 2013 14:14
"Alex, you're right! Jamie perfect example , Philippe perfect example! just continue with your work and Jo will be a star :)! Why should we bring Bernard when we have Philippe !"
14th Jul 2013 14:34
"why weren't Coutinho at the cofederations cup in my opinion he's better than Bernard and Oscar"
14th Jul 2013 16:19
"Brazil's coach picked the best team to win.He's not interest in EPL fans bragging rights.At the end of the tournament he said no one is guaranteed of being at 2014 and he would look at ALL players. Very smart guy and he wants the players to let their football talk.Everyone has a chance to make it to rio and coutinho knows it."
14th Jul 2013 16:22
"IM also enjoying reading where ever ex player, pundit and so called expert says LFC have no chance without luis, their "only" world class player mpfhfhfhfhf..and yet we played our best football without him last year and just hammered preston 4-0.Ob we must improve but the journey starts with small steps."
14th Jul 2013 18:50
"Hope so. Gerrard as an example of drive, determination, leadership and ambition. Coutinho, Suarez and others as an example of tactical awareness, technique and skill. With the right training and coaching some of our youngsters have extremely bright futures at the club. "
15th Jul 2013 0:00
"Coutinho is a seriously quality player! A real gem and it's about time we're signin players like this for decent price and not like 40m in total on keane and aquilani!! "
15th Jul 2013 2:10
"ive always been a Coutinho fan since i first saw him on a football pitch, but as some os the first coments, i am also becoming a fan of coutinho's fellow countryman Bernard ;) would like to see him in, i think he could go futher than Juan Mata"
I told you so
15th Jul 2013 12:57
"I like Inglethorpe & agree with him to a point, but you can end up a utility player that way & your career can suffer. Managers love them, but hard to think of many world class utiliy players. IMO the player & coach should know their best position. Not to say they can't play elsewhere, SG can play anywhere, but hurts teams most playing AM."