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Great Stad. If we strengthen our midfield Anfield will get brighter. And with players like Carlos Teixeirs,Jerom Sinclare,Yan Dhanda,Adorjan Krisztian,Samed Yesil and more yet to come through from the reserves plus the pitch expansion in plan. All i can say is that the Future is bright. In BR we trust. YWNWA.
Dede 7
14th Jul 2013 9:35
14th Jul 2013 9:43
"I hope, at the begining of the new season, and in the first home meatch the supporters will be fantastic. I hope they will be as good as in Carra last game. I want a ti hear the you"ll never walk alone. I have never been at Anfield before, but I hope i will have a chance to visit there."
14th Jul 2013 9:48
"Can't wait for the new season, especially when we play the bitters '. The team is shaping up well, impressed with BR's signings. We've lacked passion, creativity and flair in recent years, the recent additions have those qualities.........."
14th Jul 2013 11:43
"In 52 years supporting the Mighty Reds, I can honestly say that I have never looked forword so much to the start of a new season. JFT96 YNWA."
14th Jul 2013 11:44
"In 52 years supporting the Mighty Reds, I can honestly say that I have never looked forword so much to the start of a new season. JFT96 YNWA."
14th Jul 2013 13:47
"Excited to see the boy's back on the pitch...but what of Suarez??? Noticed he hasn't been used for either the log-in image or kit marketing. I'm ready for the game in Melbourne, Australia...but not expecting to see him???"
Mr Ostrich
14th Jul 2013 19:29
"I think like in the 2005-06 season, the lack of time to complete improvements means the pitch will suffer, especially during the winter. Here's to hoping the groundsmen can keep on top of it!"
14th Jul 2013 22:25
"Lordmac 14th Jul 2013 11:44 I am so with you there. Didn't look forward to last year due to the TW debacle, but this year, irrelevant of where we finish, I loving the progress made in making the team exciting & creative again. It a may take a year or two to challenge for the top, but we're going in the right direction."
15th Jul 2013 5:08
"Mr Ostrich... what ya mean? the pitch looks in pretty good shape in these pics and there is 5 weeks yet. Also the UK is being baked in sunshine everyday the pitch will be well grown and bedded in. No worries there "