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you better start coming up with some then son because i guarentee ya you'll need them when you're banging them is for us
13th Jul 2013 18:34
13th Jul 2013 18:40
"well done jordan.keep working hard you have our support."
13th Jul 2013 18:43
"Much love for you Jordon, what a great game and great goal! Hope to see more of you in the upcoming games also :) YNWA!!"
13th Jul 2013 20:09
"Looks a real talent, only 17...amazing."
13th Jul 2013 20:32
"well done young lad good goal, movement and balance was great too. Y.N.W.A"
13th Jul 2013 20:40
"Keep learning your trade and your chance will come- looks a good prospect"
13th Jul 2013 20:43
"great goal :) Keep up the training and the preparation games and gonna play! you've only got 17 years :)) we know of a historic player who was 17 years of creating miracles :) go ahead and Brendan will give you instructions! ;)you will CELEBRATING goals in the right way :))"
13th Jul 2013 21:13
"I am really impressed by Brendan's work ethic and how hw has created competition between Sterling and Ibe. We might witness the greatest competition in LFC history between the two in the next ten years. World class potentials obviously. Sterling will kill teams this season.Bet me"
13th Jul 2013 21:44
"He may not have sorted out his goal celebration yet but I reckon I've come up with the perfect song for the fans to sing when he finds the back of the net - sung to the tune of Poison Ivy - Jordon Ibe-e-e-e-e Jordon Ibe-e-e-e-e Brilliant, if I say so myself!!!!"
13th Jul 2013 21:47
"ibe an sturidge bye bye suarez"
14th Jul 2013 0:28
"Good to see young players progressing. Hope to see Coady doing well as well in the future."
14th Jul 2013 8:20
"Excited about him, he also gives Sterling and others competition which is vital at that tender age. Sterling looked awesome too, Aspas complements them both with his drifting deep and playing them in, something Saurez would do on his merit, which sometimes missed opportunities to get behind early - greedy player."
Dede 7
14th Jul 2013 8:56
"I like your work rate. "
14th Jul 2013 11:29
"Didn't realise Sturrridge had a younger brother that plays for lfc also"
14th Jul 2013 13:40
"It will be a few years until he's playing full-time for us, but yet another quality youngster! The future's bright, the future's red!"
15th Jul 2013 3:57
"Well done Ibe ..only ur second senior game and u have scored..I rate u very highly ..keep up ur good work .."