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Had a good, strong start for the lads first match since coming back. It was great to see Kelly come on as well. Hope he'll be able to stay fit and get some games to get back into it.
13th Jul 2013 19:02
13th Jul 2013 19:12
"Good luck guys"
13th Jul 2013 19:15
"Good luck guys"
13th Jul 2013 19:16
"ibe sterling aspas coutinho they had a great game i think pacheco was good to and we need to keep him and we should sell assaidi and borini ynwa"
13th Jul 2013 19:33
"great start and a great job and Brendan Liverpool team! You hate that this is just the beginning! players will be in every game and give this to the maximum, and the results will come alone!"
13th Jul 2013 19:34
"I think the City is crying from the pain so he treated Tours! better for Liverpool! shown to organize the defense! shows that Daniel enjoyed the role as captain Lucas also :) great shot Daniel left a bomb! :) Simon did not have a lot of work, but what should have been done well! some great intervention!"
13th Jul 2013 19:42
"As it seems that I am no longer allowed to comment on The S(c)un(m) website and have a laugh at Ferguson Light losing his first game I will say it here!! Hahahahahha!!! Also no mention of this impressive win with BR's 'panic buys'. Funny that init!!!?? ;)"
13th Jul 2013 19:44
"Preston played a little dirty! it is easy to drop the player shirt when you need to get one! Philippe punish them for it but Fab pulls the shirt was left unpunished! skillfully done job O_o! "
13th Jul 2013 19:45
"I'm sorry I did not give Fab a score had a good chance, but there is time! showed that the class after a serious injury that will be the case as with Martin! talent, experience, will, energy do not go away so easily! Martin with Liverpool and he'll be 100% fit!"
13th Jul 2013 19:55
"was good team perfomance all round both hafs considering all the changes but was good to seee new boys all play well gotta giv assaidi n borrini a chance tho people hating straight away true say borrini should ov scored bt assaidi showe sum goodd skill n touches neeeds to pess on imo"
13th Jul 2013 19:57
"It's a good start in our preparation to the next season. With new signs to come, the squad will be stronger and fit to fight for the top three not four as usually I used to say!!! Rogers you must insure that Suarez dont go any where. All the best lads. YNWA."
13th Jul 2013 19:58
"I'm full of positive impressions after this game because I write so much :))) Jo scored great goal and continue to do so! is very young and has a great future ahead of him, just let him stay in Liverpool :) applied the technique to the training :) "
13th Jul 2013 20:07
"Rah is an animal, a tiger on the field in the style of his great hair! :) A little walk past the shiny assistance :) you who hate to hear a few words of Iago ... bad or great amazing goal? "
13th Jul 2013 20:11
"Luis great party :) I know your assists and goals just give their best and they shall come! whole team has provided great game just let it continue :) what would be the result if played Stevie-G and other team :) I can only imagine :) Too bad I could not watch the second half:( O_o but I've goals :) All in all a great start :)))"
13th Jul 2013 20:29
"good game, good positive start. impressed with ibe & sterling and aspas and albeto look to have good feet."
13th Jul 2013 20:34
"A positive pre-season is what we need and today was the perfect start. 20+ players getting a run out 4 goals from different players including Aspas, both line ups looked strong with Gerrard and hopefully 2 or 3 new players still to come in."
13th Jul 2013 20:51
"Danny Pacheco has to be kept in the squad this season. Great performance today. Wants and needs games !"
Vosta Lee
13th Jul 2013 20:53
"austrokop why bother going to other teams' websites? Good result and some good performances. To win the league you have to win all the games you should win. Our game vs Preston was a game we should win convincingly and that is what we did."
13th Jul 2013 20:55
"Vosta Lee no mate, didnt mean another team's website, I'd never do that. I meant The Sun website."
13th Jul 2013 20:56
"Danny, I shook your hand in Piccolinos about a year ago and told you that you would be great. Believe it you have more talent than a lot of your colleagues. Be potent!"
13th Jul 2013 21:31
"great to see a positive start, of course we should beat preston but too often these preseason games are poor. This type of mentality win every game no matter which competition/friendly you are playing is good to see. "
13th Jul 2013 21:34
"aspas..... lovely goal lad keep I up "
13th Jul 2013 21:58
"Here in Finland LFC supporters are so hungry for new Premier League season."
13th Jul 2013 21:59
"Well done Brendan, enjoyed the game & result! I also agree on Kolo, City is defo gonna miss him, he showed real dedication and desire today. I also would love to stay Pacheco and see him more in the 1st team. Lad deserved full season with LFC do not drop him pls!"
13th Jul 2013 22:53
"Good to see them taking a pre season game seriously for a change. All the new signings were great particularly Aspas. Coutinho and Ibe also did very well. Borini was disappointing as usual. Looking good overall & lots more options than last season. "
13th Jul 2013 23:12
"A very good way to start the preseason especially with the new signings doing well. Hope the team continues to gell and improve and by the time the Epl kickoff comes will be ready to get off with a flying start. "
Asis Rai
14th Jul 2013 0:06
"dammn ... missed the game but elated with the scoreline.... i wont be missing the next one !!"
14th Jul 2013 0:07
"I like Aspas goal. The curl was fantastic and surprised the keeper and it shows he's a good goal scorer. "
14th Jul 2013 0:43
"Aspas looked good on his debut. Scored a good goal and put an even better attempt at a volley just wide. Hopefully he'll bed in quickly and put doubters to bed. Great to see Kelly back in as well. Certainly think him and Wisdom are our future CB pairing."
14th Jul 2013 0:46
"Not sure about Assaidi. Seemed to have a bad game today, but could just be rust or something. He's a great dribbler but lacked a good ball. Borini should've finished with a goal but I think he deserves another season to go at it. Would love to see Pacheco get chances in the first team, surely there is a reason why he was so highly regarded as a youngster."
14th Jul 2013 2:22
"Iago Aspas's goal was a real corker! Congrats! When Sturridge and Stevie are back, we can still flourish even without Suarez. Just need a tough attacking midfielder and an iron-strong CB - and let's bring it on."
14th Jul 2013 2:38
"Only seen the hi-lites but they looked very sharp . Just one criticism there seemed to be quite a bit bit selfishness ie players trying to score when teammates are better placed . Put this down to young guys trying to impress .But well done ,lets this window closed & start the season ."
14th Jul 2013 4:41
"Great start, big fan of B R and what he's putting in place. Great to see others are coming round to the talents of Pacheco, class act. YNWA"
14th Jul 2013 4:56
" :) "
14th Jul 2013 4:57
"I really hope Pacheco will stay the club this season. That guy is brilliant! Aspas goal was a beauty. I was proud of him. Wasn't really convinced by the performance of Alberto but im sure he'll improve. Overall the team played very well. "
14th Jul 2013 4:58
"a great goal n a great assist too...keep it up ASPAS. "
14th Jul 2013 5:04
" :)"
14th Jul 2013 5:47
" :)"
14th Jul 2013 6:54
14th Jul 2013 8:18
"People wanting Borini sold, already? This what some LFC fans do now, after EVERY game, just shout out the 'worst' players name to sell him. It's madness, if that was the ethos, then you would be selling most of your squad because it is impossible for every player to play amazing every game. Great game lads, unfortunately some fans still like to wine. YNWA fellas"
Dede 7
14th Jul 2013 8:23
"Two words Bright Future. YWNWA."
14th Jul 2013 8:32
" :)"
14th Jul 2013 8:49
"Dani Pacheco has to stay at the club, he has matured a lot more following his loan spells and really should be given chances next season. Even if he starts on the bench, he would be a great impact player to have."
14th Jul 2013 13:53
"austrokop- Don't, I repeat DON'T go to that website. Sell him, sell them,sell about giving them a chance? I can still remember people saying Gerrard was reckless and tried too many 'hollywood' passes. Borini needs games and chances and then-and only then we can assess him."
15th Jul 2013 3:58
"I Think it's nice from LFC to visit fans overseas. Fans who don't have enough money to visit them in England. Besides that I have high hopes of the new season. With kelly coming back. Allen as back up, maybe he could still be useful, Aspass and Alberto looking good. Mignolet will be very strong and will win points for us. And our skipper will lead us very good i think. "