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Well done boys! Every player did well, for me Sterling was outstanding. High hopes for Alberto/Xabi Alonso!
13th Jul 2013 17:01
13th Jul 2013 17:02
"Aspas is a fantastic player."
13th Jul 2013 17:03
"Well done... Though a pre-season spirit was there.. Impressed with the youngsters. By the way great goal from Aspas.."
13th Jul 2013 17:05
13th Jul 2013 17:06
"Good win for the team!!! Guess this means D.Agger is vice captain! "
13th Jul 2013 17:15
"great to see big kell back"
13th Jul 2013 17:15
"well done keep up the good work!"
13th Jul 2013 17:16
"Borini has my defense! I think he has been the main target of many of us without merit."
Vosta Lee
13th Jul 2013 17:16
"Although it was just a pre-season friendly, Aspas and Alberto are going to be just fine and the competition between Sterling and Ibe for play-time is going to really help the team."
13th Jul 2013 17:19
"A good general performance. Well done lads! Assaidi is still not good enough though"
13th Jul 2013 17:19
"Great game & fantastic stream, all just was so nice and smooth, thank you for providing the coverage, pretty much appreciate it :) YNWA!"
13th Jul 2013 17:20
"first impressions.. aspas will do well in this team, seems to have quick passing ability, and he is reported to have great work rate. bring it on!"
13th Jul 2013 17:23
"I dont even know why Spearing still is a lfc player! He is useless!!"
13th Jul 2013 17:23
"To be fair, Borini and Assaidi just aren't at the level we need to be at. Aspas however, well...I can't wait to see him in the prem this season"
13th Jul 2013 17:33
"good workout hard to judge keeper or defenders they hadn't much to do, impressed with the running of Ibe, Johnson and sterling.YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 17:35
"it was fun to watch, the goals and some new faces, old faces that returned from loan. Interesting, cant wait for the season to start. But can we have back our RED masthead... the blue..errrr!"
13th Jul 2013 17:44
"Good result lads- 4-0 with half a team-good to see. Aspas get on the score sheet"
13th Jul 2013 17:53
"Car overheated 50 miles from Preston, had to turn back, gutted. Good result though boys. YNWA "
13th Jul 2013 18:03
"assaidi and toure were fasting so we can understand there case so their performance was not their best"
13th Jul 2013 18:04
"Well that was a good run out, very nice to look at, meaning attractive football. Can not for th love of football understand what De Bowier is on about saying this don't fit Chris Eriksen. That was top quality and this kind a football is fun to play for every footballer with skills."
13th Jul 2013 18:07
"great job guys i hope we have a Confident that we can finish top 4 ... Martin Kelly will be good to be CB cuz he is so big and big guys is good for either CB or ST"
13th Jul 2013 18:07
"Aspas impressed me a lot, not just for the brilliant goal, but also for his quick movement and pass! Ibe, Coutinho (as usual) and Sterling had a great game as well...glad to see Kelly back!"
13th Jul 2013 18:09
"If Brendan gets the lads to play a bit tactical with those skills and abilties on the ball then I can see us doing very well. When you have this much talend teams will show up to park the bus in the box and then you need tactics to break up the defence and the oppositions concentration."
13th Jul 2013 18:12
"Awesome! Honestly, Sterling, Ibe, Allen etc will all be like new signings. We have the youngest average age in the league, so all players are going to improve, get better and become complete players. The new boys, still young, can come right in and play in the system. It looks amazingly bright. YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 19:00
"Rasmuslfc - you're thinking of Luis GARCIA and Xabi Alonso...! ;)"
13th Jul 2013 19:25
"Best time to ship Borini back to Italy. If you want to be a striker at Liverpool you must bury such a chance. If a striker cant score such a chance against an opposition that weak then he will never have the composure to score against big teams in the EPL. Let Roma take him back. Aspas, Sterling(wow) combo was amazing. Ibe will be a star. Alberto was too casual"
13th Jul 2013 19:46
"Encouraging play. l love Aspas & Ibe.competition is good look at Raheem.l think we should sell Downing,aAssaidi seems much much better & more incisive"
14th Jul 2013 0:35
"Why is there no official match report anywhere on the site? Attendance, lineups etc, surely not too much to ask. "