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What is BR waiting for? Sign him up.
12th Jul 2013 14:23
12th Jul 2013 14:47
"Him or Bernard, but would rather Bernard personally."
12th Jul 2013 14:51
"Another one slipping through the net. Rogers get a move on"
Chris Regie
12th Jul 2013 14:59
"C'mon sign him already or it'll be too late c'mon liverpools board and BR send cash already "
12th Jul 2013 15:03
"haha yes, this is the man we need :) eriksen and if suarez leaves another striker"
12th Jul 2013 15:06
"We wont get many chances to get a better player in our current situation. He'll suit the style perfectly. Sign him up!"
12th Jul 2013 15:33
"It would be a dream to get both Eriksen and Bernard. "
12th Jul 2013 15:49
"If this is true then hopefully Agger can help persuade him to join. He would be a useful signing."
12th Jul 2013 15:53
"If Liverpool want to challenge for top 4 the only thing that takes them there is to keep Suarez otherwise they have no hope regardless to his commitment or behavior as I think he is a must. In fact he is the best player in the EPL whatever the others say and believe me they know that for which Arsenal and Chelsea want him in addition to Real and Byern and other big clubs. "
12th Jul 2013 15:53
"So keep Suarez as sir Alex kept Ronaldo for one more season despite his will to leave cuz football nowadays is not only ethics but les and trophies and of course money and popularity. "
12th Jul 2013 15:54
"good to add him in, just do it."
12th Jul 2013 15:58
"Maybe he does not want to come to Liverpool, no matter how much we offer for him, just look at Divid Villa he went to athletico even though spurs put a higher bid in , may not be BR here , maybe Eriksen does not want to come ta a side not in Europe "
12th Jul 2013 16:11
"leerob1313 - thank you - someone talking sense!these complainers all seem to think BR's sat around twiddling FSG's platinum card in his fingers..or that FSG haven't handed him one and it's lazinss or stinginess costing us 'targets'!We can only assume he is a target..and if he is he may have told us a firm 'no'..we won't know til he pulls a shirt on,one way or another!"
12th Jul 2013 16:13
"Solution. If BR wants him then we must put a bid in before bids get put forward for De Rossi. Simples."
12th Jul 2013 16:51
"some ppl make me laugh.... its not as if BR can just go out and sign him... he has to go through the chanels. if he is a target, i am sure he is doing his best."
12th Jul 2013 17:39
"its a rumour folks, lets hope its true and we get him fantastic young player,"
12th Jul 2013 17:50
"Yeah this waiting c*ap is annoying. Get the guy in "
12th Jul 2013 18:34
"THIS must be why Suso has gone - they want Eriksen or ANOther along with Coutinho to do the jobs that Suso would have been used for, so there is no way back for Suso. Which is MAD "
12th Jul 2013 18:43
"I hope we are genuinely in for him and get him signed quality player in the Van Der Vaart mould him Gerrard and Coutinho will pull the strings "
12th Jul 2013 20:09
"Since BR said he had strengthened the squad and now looking for players that will fit straightaway into the first XI.. He should go out there and sign Bernard, Yilmaz and alderweireld and we will be heading for top 4 in 2013/2014 season. YNWA"
Champions Of Europe
12th Jul 2013 20:49
"People, there are still 8 weeks of the TW rumour mill to go, you guys are gonna blow your scalps off if you carry on like this! Surely you're already acquainted with the British TW & the media tripe that comes with it. LFC will buy who they want to buy & no requests or advice on a forum will change their minds. Just relax & see what happens; BR said he wants to strengthen the 1st 11 & so he will."
12th Jul 2013 21:04
"Bring back Suso..."
12th Jul 2013 21:36
"I think Eriksen is a top player and BR needs to get it done ASAP,I agree we need Suarez to get into top four but I like the rumor that Madrid might offer higuain and cash this could be a great deal for us.HIGUAIN,CISSOKO,ERIKSEN,BARNARD would be great but its down to funding."
12th Jul 2013 21:45
"Red-coutinho - It's not down to funding, it's down to who wants to come here, these players are WORLD CLASS. WORLD CLASS players want champions league football, it's as simple as that. We've already missed out on our 1# targets because of it. If we get Benard or Erikson we've done VERY well."
12th Jul 2013 21:50
"This one may happen, it's a logical signing, he fits the profile & suits the style of play. Is 21 with good resell value, is a league winner & has played in the champions league. We have a good relationship with Ajax & have done business in the past, this isn't a difficult deal to complete!!"
12th Jul 2013 23:37
"Matt1966 - sorry, disagree with you there. Players like mikhtarian, eriksen and Toby wanted to come here. Don't look down on ourselves. It's Ayre and FSG that I'm worried about here. FSG has not spend anything out of their pocket yet this window."
12th Jul 2013 23:41
"More procrastination and maybe a few "hopefull" signings that could turn a profit. Talk, talk, talk until the top players sign for someone else and we continue to pay twice the cost of tickets of other clubs that only offer league football!!"
12th Jul 2013 23:43
"I'd love to see the signing but quite honestly I don't see it happening... least not yet. He seems to be very happy developing at Ajax for the time being and I don't think we're in a position to be an attractive move for him at the current moment."
13th Jul 2013 0:34
"KL_RED - Mkh himself said he choose dortmund over liverpool because of CL football, so I'm not sure how you're so adamant that these players WANT to come to Livepool. That said, let's hope for the best. Mkh is gone, Wanyama is gone. Eriksen/Bernard and Toby - then close business for the summer "
13th Jul 2013 0:58
"Would love him or Bernard!"
13th Jul 2013 3:59
"I have lost all hope of signing any named player . Missing out on Mikhitaryan & Watyama was a huge mistake."
13th Jul 2013 4:04
"LuisCaroll79 - Mkh chose Dortmund coz' we did not make any bid. He was talking about coming here prior to that. We were too slow then. The 4 players we bought are not bad, but it's for the future. We need better 1st team players to get us to the promised land this season."
13th Jul 2013 4:11
"Eriksen to replace De Rossi? Hahahaha. Completely different type of midfielders. article."
13th Jul 2013 4:12
"Anyway, agree with you that we need Bernard or Eriksen and Toby. A decent LB also. Then we are in business."
13th Jul 2013 4:28
"what the hell are we waiting for??"
13th Jul 2013 4:38
"I don't know why LFC is wasting time getting this lad. I'm not happy."
13th Jul 2013 7:21
"Sign Him Fast BR."
13th Jul 2013 7:44
"I hate to say it but I think Eriksen is a young player who could and would withstand the demands of the PL. He is also a very talented player ; unlike a couple of the light weights BR brought in last year ; big fishes from little ponds."
13th Jul 2013 11:23
"go for it BR"
13th Jul 2013 11:38
"how are we not buying one of these players, its the first time in years we can have decent signings straight in at the start of a season, eriksen, sakho, alderweirld, yilmaz and wanyama and we have already missed out on him for not showing ambition."
13th Jul 2013 12:00
"Agree with Kabbani, We must keep Suarez and support him regardless. He is key to CL football next year and we need to make it public that he is staying. Potential signings will want him to stay if we're selling them the promise of CL football."
13th Jul 2013 12:29
"People need to chill out and relax. Remember January? Everyone was freaking out over Sjnider and us not signing him then we signed Coutinio. Give the board and manager a chance we're not even in August yet. In BR I trust. YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 12:52
"were going to loose him just like henrik, holding out for a cheaper price, just pay the price for him now or were going to loose him to spurs or some other rival team.we have'nt spent any money yet."
13th Jul 2013 14:05
"so what im getting here is that...were competing with Roma for Eriksen and with Norwich for Alderweireld...cmon BR doesn't take an ace negotiator to win these signings..."
13th Jul 2013 16:18
"Honestly, something doesnt seem to be well with our scouting & transfers strategy.We are toooo slow in moving for targets until spurs and other teams snap them up"
13th Jul 2013 17:15
"I suggest we all send in a tenner or so to FSG to buy him"
Vosta Lee
13th Jul 2013 17:31
"I have a bad feeling about Eriksen. Rumours make him sound like someone that believed the hype and think that he can just decide to join BVB or Liverpool if he feels like it. There is a player with those characteristics in England: Nicklas Bendtner. It's just a feeling though, can't prove anything."
13th Jul 2013 17:59
"Suarez wants to go and that is that. Forget his lies about the British press he is a liar and would move to Chelsea in a heartbeat if they bid £40 mil clause trigger. Sell him for 40 and buy Yilmaz or Benteke then move for Eriksen and maybe one more midfielder or defender. Replacing Gerrard is far more important than replacing Suarez believe me!"
13th Jul 2013 18:03
"Everyone is on about replacing Suarez but finding the next Gerrard is far more important than replacing a lying wanna be like Louis Suarez. Get Eriksen in number one priority so Stevey G can guide him and get Yilmaz or Benteke both of which would be paid for with the money from getting rid of Suarez asap....."
13th Jul 2013 18:07
"Despite what people say Eriksen is a good guy and he loves Ajax passionately and he will leave but wants them to get paid well for him even if he has to sign a new 5 year deal with Ajax and then leave anyway to make sure they get what he is worth so i am sure any transfer to any club will be a slow moving thing until they pay the right price for him. "
13th Jul 2013 18:10
"Suarez is important but not that important. Gerrard has held this club together for over ten years long before Suarez was even heard of so finding his successor is way more important than finding one for Suarez. Eriksen needs to be signed now so Stevey G can guide him for the next few years and make him the next linch pin. Forget Suarez, a lying money grabber, the name Owen springs to mind?"
13th Jul 2013 18:14
"Don`t forget Eriksen loves Ajax like Carragher loves Liverpool so its not an easy move to make and he wants the club to get the right money for him and is prepared to wait another year if he has to, to ensure they get it. If we don`t get him it will be because we wouldn`t pay the price. "
13th Jul 2013 18:16
"Suarez has to go, end of story. He is a liar and that we don`t need at Lievrpool. Sell him for 40 million and get Yilmaz or Benteke then use the other 20 million to buy Erikson and maybe Alderweireld as well. Job done! "
13th Jul 2013 18:38
"Unfirtunately Matt this one is all about money and nothing else. Eriksen loves Ajax like Gerrard loves Liverpool and although willing to leave, he wants Ajax to get a good deal from his departure so its all about who is prepared to pay. Hopefully we are!"
13th Jul 2013 18:44
"Its simple, Suarez has to go as we don`t need another lying money grabber like Owen in the team. Too much bad blood comes of it. Now its a case of Benteke or Yilmaz? Erikson or Bernard? Alderweireld or Papadopoulis? 3 more needed just who it is nobody knows yet...."