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Let Cardiff have him. We have plenty at the same position already.
12th Jul 2013 10:46
12th Jul 2013 10:50
"We now need a couple of marque signings but get him by all means as long as there is enough cash to complete all our targeted signings."
12th Jul 2013 10:59
"Sign him and loan out to Cardiff"
12th Jul 2013 11:27
"We don't need him anymore"
12th Jul 2013 11:31
"Ince is annoying me now, holding out for his former club but his club are asking for 8mill for a player we sold on the cheap! that price is ridiculous, its the same ratio as what we paid for hendo, I'm sure BR wont be stupid enough and learn from comolli's mistakes! we should buy him for 2mill and loan him out to a division 2 club"
12th Jul 2013 11:44
"He'll be waiting along time then won't he,If it wasnt for Blackpool and his dad he could of been playing at anfield next season.Instead he will be playing at Cardiff!great career move ;) "
Chris Regie
12th Jul 2013 11:45
"Enough of Ince we don't need him, lets focus on Eriksen becuz Sturridge needs Smone creative like Suarez, Eriksen and Bernard fits the category. C'mon liverpools board send Smone to Ajax now.... B4 smithing like the mkhitaryan incident happen again also let's get Alderwield or Sahko since they are both interested in Liv."
12th Jul 2013 12:36
"really not bothered about him, he had his chance in January to join us and turned us down. He was very very poor in the U21s!"
12th Jul 2013 12:38
"Does he think he is worth more than he is ....."
12th Jul 2013 12:53
"Ince for Downing would do!"
12th Jul 2013 13:01
"with all due respect, Tom Ince did not show enough desire coming back here in the first place. He places his interest now after we have bought similar type of players. He can go to Cardiff, or maybe come back if he throws in a transfer request and demands to move to LFC for £4-5m. "
12th Jul 2013 13:07
"Im sorry but i would not swap Downing for Ince, SD has received far to much criticism but he is a much better player than Ince. Yes Ince is young and has shown potential with a good season in the championship, but he is English lets face it there is a good chance that potential will not be met. "
12th Jul 2013 13:11
"Let him go. ... better to go spend our money on Bernard. ... great brazilian player that can play deep and start up a good attack. YNWA. BR initially wanted him because of his association with us .. but at that price, there are better players then him for sure. "
12th Jul 2013 14:20
"yes am kingsley 4rm nigeria i tink 5million 4 tom wil nt b a big deal out all he is our brout up .beta stil loan him back ."
12th Jul 2013 14:25
"Dont need him dont want him . Would be a waste of 8mill tbh . Get a cd instead , also if you want benteke why not give villa downing back & coates on loan 4 a season would be well worth it . Good notions I think "
12th Jul 2013 14:45
"Ibe, Sterling and Suso should be given a chance."
12th Jul 2013 15:11
"Too much hassle having him back, his dad is a pain in the arse. He has knocked back Cardiff may be better off staying at blackpool IMO"
12th Jul 2013 15:22
"Well said koponlads. Would not swap Downing for an unproven in the premier league youngster. Totally unfair criticism of Downing last season. He didn't score much but his stats posted on the mainpage speak for themselves. We have Alberto now don't need another squad winger. "
12th Jul 2013 15:30
"To anyone who thinks Downing is good need a reality check. He needs to be sold asap. Shocking first season and a below average second season. I will question BR if he decides to keep him. "
12th Jul 2013 16:02
"Back to the topic, Ince has decided to stay at Blackpool. "
12th Jul 2013 16:49
"Surprised Ince turned down Cardiff it was a chance to prove himself. Hope we don't make a move we have enough squad players. Besides I think experience tells us he has a bit of an atude and probably thinks he is better than he actually is. As for Downing he is an OK player but not good enough for a top 4 team, you only have to look at the impact PC has had to the see the difference in quality."
12th Jul 2013 17:46
"V good player but Coutinho much better in my view"
Champions Of Europe
12th Jul 2013 20:51
"If there's any truth in this; he blew his chance in January. He was mentioned every week for his performances in the first half of the season & then all went quiet; maybe better we didn't get him."
12th Jul 2013 21:05
"8M for a fringe squad player. a year later he probably would be out on loan again... let the seasiders keep him he's doing a great job for them. Having said that congrats Tom on your first baby and all the best for your career YNWA."
12th Jul 2013 21:17
"bbc wedsite says ince had turn them down. 2 b closer 2 he new born. I think if rogers wanted him that badly he already b here. think it the price off the player put Liverpool off him . very high prize tag "
12th Jul 2013 21:23
"saying that u never know. plus the clause in he's contract knock some money off. "
12th Jul 2013 21:26
"seems strange 4 him 2 turn down being a premier league regular players. at cardiff don't u think guys. "
13th Jul 2013 1:05
"Think some fans are about harsh on ince. He is an exciting player. I'd happily take him for 5m and loan him out again. Isn't his fault, he clearly wants an LFC move, Blackpool are being Difficult! "
13th Jul 2013 4:09
"Tom had his chance to play for us and he blew it. Have fun at Cardiff lad."
13th Jul 2013 11:25
"i think it is a mistake to go back on him. liverpool will be forced to dance to his tune"
13th Jul 2013 11:45
"illori we wont sign for more than 4 million even though worth double, alderwiereld expected to sign for NORWICH, wanyama expected to sign fOR SOUTHAMPTON, eriksen expected to sign FOR ROMA, bernard expected to sign for DORTMUND, where is the ambition gone we wont be in the top eight if this carrys on waiting to sell suarez to get money in how about keep him and sign some top class players."
13th Jul 2013 12:12
"need him to be sold then we can have our share of the deal,agree with KL_RED, we have enough in that posistion, esp raw youngsters "