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Martin mate, I would concentrate on doing well for your club before you start thinking about a useless enterprise like England !
southbrook scouse
12th Jul 2013 8:53
12th Jul 2013 9:00
"its good to see you back kelly. i think we can play him as a CB. we have wisdom who was a good backup for kelly at CB make lot of sense."
12th Jul 2013 9:20
"I know BR is a big Kelly-fan, even wanted him while in Swansea. So I think he will have a lot of game time the coming season, either CB or right back. I think lack of talk about new LB is because BR considers Johnson as back-up for Enrique on the left and then Kelly as alternative RB"
12th Jul 2013 9:28
"Do well for the club first and your England call-up will come because of it! I understand the passion in every player to be chosen to play in the World Cup! YNWA!"
12th Jul 2013 10:19
"Do well n dwell...."
12th Jul 2013 11:30
"martin every time you play you seem to give 150% do that for this season, hope you stay injury free and you will be in rio"
12th Jul 2013 11:31
"It's good to hear about Martin's ambitions and that he'll be pushing hard for a place."
12th Jul 2013 11:56
"should be given game time at CB"
12th Jul 2013 13:30
"Martin get ya hair cut u are no Patrick Berger lol"
coutinho star
12th Jul 2013 14:18
"you are not even a club regular yet so why even dream of England youl be injured anyway winning silerware with us should your goal"
12th Jul 2013 14:43
" Igtred - Don't comment if you have nothing positive to say, call yourself a fan!! Good luck Kelly, firstly with us and England will be easy! YNWA"
Vosta Lee
12th Jul 2013 15:11
"To get on the plane to Brazil (if England makes it) Martin Kelly needs to do really well for Liverpool. I think that's a good goal."
Lucky Number 13
12th Jul 2013 15:13
"Give him a break! The more representatives for England the better. Good for the profile of LFC.....well, if England are winning I suppose. "
Waks 78
12th Jul 2013 18:02
"Hope you get games here and are picked for brazil"
12th Jul 2013 18:39
"Roger dodger you are so right. Martin remember just who is important..... And as roger states it ain't in England! "
12th Jul 2013 19:04
"Looks a very good player, if fit and well! Learn defending off Skrtel/Agger, playing forward from Johnson and everything about football from Gerrard! Then give 100% EVERY time and you might as well book a hotel in rio now!"
12th Jul 2013 19:44
"out of all the players whom i would love to see at the brazil WC kelly is not one of them mainly bcoz of he's injury prone. i'm sorry kelly it's the truth i'd rather you have a successful career with lfc than with england."
12th Jul 2013 19:48
"but if woy does choose i would cheer you on just like any lfc fan. was hoping you'd be playing tomorrow. oh well there's another 50+ games i can watch you play."
Champions Of Europe
12th Jul 2013 21:15
"You have to stand out of the crowd for your club before you can get international recognition, but there's no harm in having a goal. Play for LFC hard & well & the recognition will follow."
12th Jul 2013 23:41
"I'd rather you focus on getting your club career back up and running and getting into the first team first. As an English person, I'd love to see you do well for England but take baby steps first. "
13th Jul 2013 0:55
"I liked Kelly until his constant injuries. Really baffled me that he took so long accepting the new contract and demanded more money considering how poor he has been for us. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be another woodgate, lots of potential but injury prone. "
13th Jul 2013 7:46
"If martin does as he had just said and gets picked for England we LFC will reap the benefits! YNWA!"
13th Jul 2013 8:15
"some of u fans just dont understand the big picture if he tries to prove himself for world cup then he has to give 100% + in every game he plays he has to be brilliant as he wont know if hes made it to wil the end of the season"
13th Jul 2013 8:18
"if a player dusnt have goals then he wont do very well and as for u guys that said he hadnt done very well for us open your eyes he was very good when fit last season get a grip guys suport your team and players or go away to chelsea or manure "
13th Jul 2013 8:20
"I want to see martin playing for england in wc and I am Scottish as i am a LFC fan i want all of our players playing for the national team and i actually chear england on when LFC players are in the squad which are becomeing more and more looks like kelly johnson gerrard possible downing and henderson who all need to play well to get there place"
13th Jul 2013 9:03
"we got an outstanding youth squad and i think as the likes of dortmund we should start nurturing home grown talent and bring some experienced players in squad to help them"
13th Jul 2013 11:18
"Hahaha rogerdoger - Absolutely right. It's a matter of pride wanting to play for England but in truth there are too many divas at this point in time for us to achieve. Maybe Martin can be one of the new, hungry breed. He's certainly got the talent. Just a shame Stevie's colleagues couldn't play with the heart he did. He deserves a world le with his heart."
13th Jul 2013 18:47
"It looks like Kelly has spent a lot of time in the gym whilst injured. Think that will pay off, looks to have the strength and physique to play centre half now "