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Watched him in Champions League last season, he was class, fingers crossed we get him. He would just go out on loan at Chelsea because of the big competition in attack, or would be a super sub, but if Suarez leaves he would almost have guaranteed first team football with us.
11th Jul 2013 17:57
11th Jul 2013 18:04
"bringing yilmaz would be a gd deal"
11th Jul 2013 18:05
"bringing yilmaz would be a gd deal"
11th Jul 2013 18:28
"Suarez = leaving for CL Yilmaz = In CL already .... Erm , LFC or Chelsea ... Rodgers or Maureen ... Hmmm let me think (PS I would choose LFC and Rodgers over Maureen but let's just see what this fella does) "
11th Jul 2013 18:47
"I guess a lot depends on what that price is. Anything over £20m and I doubt we will be interested."
11th Jul 2013 19:45
"so what's the price?"
11th Jul 2013 19:49
"Don't think he would come to us, ideally it would be fab if we sold the spoilt brat for £50 million and split it between the 2 signings that would make a world class side, sign Yilmaz and Bernard. Then use any spare cash on 2 class CD's. The cash raised from clearing out the dead wood will also be used. YNWA LFC "
11th Jul 2013 19:53
"PS; Where and what is the asking price ???"
Champions Of Europe
11th Jul 2013 20:24
"Very misleading headline! And the price is.... Would like this chap to join us, but the price may be a stumbling block; surprised he's been off the radar for while."
11th Jul 2013 20:36
"Would love this to happen. Exactly the type of player we need!"
11th Jul 2013 20:54
"He knows where the back of the net is for sure. The way I see it we got money for a marquee signing. And another 2 big signings on top with the Suarez money. Still hopeful he'll give us one more season as he owes us. At least moves abroad not to a rival!"
11th Jul 2013 21:18
11th Jul 2013 22:49
"If Suarez leaves...he'd only be a replacement. Would be nice to have both stars???"
11th Jul 2013 23:39
"hope we don't go for him. gs are going to ask for a fee around 25m. money should be used more wisely(bernard)!"
Red Rum
11th Jul 2013 23:45
"I wonder if villa would be tempted by an offer of 12 million + downing for benteke. Keep Suarez for the year. Tell him he can leave next year. By that stage benteke and sturridge are terrorising defences across the land. Remember people as much as we love Suarez for some of the game changing goals he does lack a bit in the finishing dept"
12th Jul 2013 0:11
"We are too slow. Wanyama has joined Southampton! "
12th Jul 2013 0:14
"I've got fingers crossed so many times that they have glued to each other! I will be happy if we can get any well-established striker or a player in any other position! YNWA! :D"
12th Jul 2013 0:14
"Sorry but why anyone wants to see Suarez in the red shirt ever again is beyond me.He has been nothing but a total nightmare to handle here.the whole club have stood by him he was a relatively nobody before coming here & after 2 years he is ready to ditch us using pathetic excuses to do so. Hate seeing class players leave but this time cant wait to see the back of this 1 now."
12th Jul 2013 0:43
"Would love to see Bernard signed. He is pure class and would set the prem on fire. Forget Yilmaz, Bernard is who we need!"
12th Jul 2013 1:02
"How about Jackson Martinez?"
12th Jul 2013 1:22
"When history was created in 2005, I think he was there. So if Suarez leaves, we must get him!"
Chris Regie
12th Jul 2013 1:52
"Yilmaz is gud but not a gud replacement for Suarez, maybe Benteke would be gud. Now liverpool needs to focus on either Bernard or Eriksen maybe for 13 - 15 mil and Toby Alderwield for 7 - 9 mil then sell Coates. Also maybe Mc carthy for 4.5, Tello or Jese Rodriguez for 5 or 6 mil and last Taraabt for 3 mil"
12th Jul 2013 1:58
"If I was Brendan, I would sign Yilmaz/Muriel (in case Suarez leaving) + Bernard/Erikssen + Toby"
12th Jul 2013 2:50
"please for the love of god make it happen, verrrrrry underrated striker"
12th Jul 2013 2:51
"Chris Regie.. i love how underrated McCarthy is... 4.5 mil, if he was english he would demand a fee of 15-20 mil... he is better than Henderson IMO. Im not sayin it should be that much tho, i am Irish but its not a biased opinion, when our national team is announced he is one of the 1st that i hope is in the team. with Trapp ya just never know! :D"
12th Jul 2013 3:17
"BR has done a great job by signing 4 players that will strengthen the squad when many other mgr hv just started. We don't want to make the same mistakes tat previous mgrs hv done by being ripped off. Caroll, Downing, Henerson etc. "
12th Jul 2013 8:36
"if we can get £50mil for Suarez which we shouldnt move for anything less id buy him for £20 mil no more and with the 30mil left spend on a 2nd striker and the club owners pay for Eriksen and a defender. 2 marquee signing from Suarez sale would still get us top 4. but ideally keep Suarez for another season."
12th Jul 2013 9:10
"4get it we cant get him if we coudnt mkhitaryan."
12th Jul 2013 12:12
"Whats the price of this guy ???? Get shako , lori , bernard please . Fsg step up 2 the plate &get ya check & move fast before we miss out again .hi graham "
12th Jul 2013 13:23
"Ehimwema.. we dont even really know we were in for him... yes all the reports suggest we probably at least looked into signging him. but maybe we just did not rate HM at over 20 mil, lets face it who knew him before liverpool were linked to him? he may have just chose Dortmund over us, there is no shame in that, they are a great club to on the rise"
12th Jul 2013 14:14
"yes he's class, but would he hack the prem always the question, a different game all together."
12th Jul 2013 18:33
""Metro: Galatasaray name Yilmaz price" - Yet no actual price is mentioned! Great article!"
13th Jul 2013 11:56
"we wont sign him you think fsg will put up that kind of money, in fact we wont buy one quality player from here although the four we have signed arent bad the ones we will be excited about wont come it is a joke tottenham have stregthened so to have man caity who are we competing with norwich and southampton what is going on sort it out."