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but we never made a bid for the donetsk guy according to them ?
11th Jul 2013 17:19
11th Jul 2013 17:43
"get alderweired, bernard and yilmaz when suarez goes then were good to go! keep hold of skrtel and let him fight for a place"
11th Jul 2013 18:51
"Surely improving the team should have come first, then newcomers can be bedded into the team. Squad players could come later. I think the truth is we cannot afford the people that BR wanted."
11th Jul 2013 19:19
"With Carra retiring and Skrtel looking like he's going to Napoli we look as if we have lost 2 C/Ds who have not been replaced. We must make this or main aim before we sign more attackers or M/Fs. Yes sell 'The spoilt Brat' and getting Toby, Bernard and Yilmaz "
11th Jul 2013 19:21
"cont; would make us the dream team, but you can't be a dream team if you are letting in 4-5 goals in every game because you haven't got a defence between midfield and the keeper. YNWA LFC"
11th Jul 2013 20:56
"Need a big signing to make us feel good. Potentially 3 big signings if Luis goes. He owes us but at least he'll hopefully go abroad and not to one of our rivals"
11th Jul 2013 21:17
"Scotwack we haven't spent any money yet. building the squad was a priority using money raised from sales. The squad has improved. Patience is needed we will sign 1st team players. Have a little faith."
11th Jul 2013 22:53
"Think someone is a little confused... If the recruitment team are doing such a great job would it be right to say we were never actually interested in Mkhitaryan as Shakhtar insist there never was an approach from LFC?"
12th Jul 2013 0:53
" I believe BR has his targets, but he need FSG & IA backing.So far FSG has spent nothing out of their pocket this transfer windows. Show us your ambitions."
12th Jul 2013 0:56
"Even Southampton looks more ambitious than us in the transfer market."
12th Jul 2013 10:28
"can somebody please tell me,,,are we going to sell Suarez to Arsenal, is it just rubbish or it is true ?"
12th Jul 2013 13:49
"Dovan... i highly doubt that we will sell him to Arsenal, they would have to almost double their bid for us to think about it. I dont see that happening, if he is going it will be to one of about 6-7 clubs that could get him, Real, Barca, psg, Monaco, Bayern, Milan...maybe chelski or manC"
12th Jul 2013 14:18
"If Suarez is going to leave itâ"
12th Jul 2013 14:25
"If a decision has been made to sell Suarez it's essential we bring in big name additions beforehand and not after he's gone. Knowing we have £40 million + in the coffers from the sale would only cause relevant clubs to hold us to ransom over any player we are then looking to buy."
12th Jul 2013 15:58
" "If Liverpool want to challenge for top 4 the only thing that takes them there is to keep Suarez otherwise they have no hope regardless to his commitment or behavior as I think he is a must. In fact he is the best player in the EPL whatever the others say and believe me they know that for which Arsenal and Chelsea want him in addition to Real and Byern and other big clubs. "
12th Jul 2013 15:59
" "So keep Suarez as sir Alex kept Ronaldo for one more season despite his will to leave cuz football nowadays is not only ethics but les and trophies and of course money and popularity. " "
12th Jul 2013 19:54
"No, he was given permission by the club to talk to us - but he elected to talk to Dortmund and sign for them because they have champions league football next season - we have nothing! Shortsighted, maybe, but such is life."
12th Jul 2013 19:56
"We have a "new" central defender in Martin Kelly who is back from injury. maybe the wierdeleder guy as well, is enough."
12th Jul 2013 21:07
"Suarez to Arsenal - 40,7M Euros?"