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Sounds like this man is a very good member of staff to have at the Club. Both very professional and a kind compassion caring person .
13th Jul 2013 11:21
13th Jul 2013 11:34
"I'm not religious at all, but the self-discipline shown here by so many over this month is admirable. YNWA Kolo Toure, Oussama Assaidi, Dr. Zaf Iqbal."
13th Jul 2013 11:39
"isn't the fasting month finish on 9th July?"
13th Jul 2013 12:34
"Religion is a cause of too much conflict in this world from Belfast to Baghdad and all points in between and I would rather it be left out of football, a game with the potential to unite and not differentiate. Peace!"
13th Jul 2013 13:31
"Good luck!! YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 13:40
"Ramadan started on the 10th July up until 9th August "
13th Jul 2013 14:02
"mushroomscouser I think there has been far more conflict and deaths because of non-religious reasons/ last century alone saw two World Wars?/ and in any case, I think most so-called religious conflicts are people using religion to push an alternative agenda. YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 14:16
"Great interview good to see multiculturalism in football especially at a club as great as liverpool FC YNWA"
13th Jul 2013 15:12
"kopkillah 13th Jul 2013 14:02...I disagree but my point is that I don't see any place for religion in football, especially in a secular city like Liverpool, where people are regarded as equal irrespective of religion, sexual orientation, gender, race and social class. The only people discriminated against are bitters and mancs and people from Wigan."
13th Jul 2013 15:21
"Ramadaan kariim, Zaf Iqbal, you Kolo and Ausama Assadi."
14th Jul 2013 7:16
"mushroomscouser330gts 13th Jul 2013 15:12 - how about Christmas? isn't that also religious celebration? I am not trying to debate or cause conflict, I just want to make sure because I am also not that religious. Peace. Anyways, in my opinion, as long as the players, staff and also the team are happy, and can get along together, that should be okay. We will always give our support. YNWA!"
14th Jul 2013 7:47
"ashynwalfc 14th Jul 2013 7:16....Christmas has little or no meaning as a religious festival in the West, more a public holiday,commercial opportunity and excuse to get drunk.I also don't recall an article on this website called "how we prepare our players for Christmas". Even though Christianity is the most common religious belief in Liverpool. Peace!"
14th Jul 2013 9:13
14th Jul 2013 9:14
"mushroomscouser330gts. Dont say this is deviding the team because they come under equality and diversity mate. So no discrimination mate leave them alone plz. You cant discriminate any person regardining thier age, religion, race, sexy, and etc. "