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This is fantastic :) Thank you Brendan, hope to see all of them in game of course! YNWA!
11th Jul 2013 14:04
11th Jul 2013 14:05
"m waiting to see them in Bangkok"
11th Jul 2013 14:09
"Hoping that they all start and get a good hour of play at least. Moving on from the topic, we all want to see a few more signings made before the season starts. "
11th Jul 2013 14:22
"i am interested in Aspas is he the player to tear up the league. The stage is yours young sir"
11th Jul 2013 14:25
"I'm anxious to watch them play! Full of great expectations! :-) YNWA"
11th Jul 2013 14:30
"I like what I'm here that the players have arrived back in better shape from the last pre season that can only bode well for start of the season as I would like to see us come out of the blocks firing."
11th Jul 2013 16:09
"Hoping to see them get bedded in quickly. We've lacked depth for quite some time now so it is refreshing at the least to see some more forwards at the club. I think two, maybe three more signings and we'll be all wrapped up for Summer."
11th Jul 2013 21:56
" right ! see reinforcements in the game, and their cool party :)"
12th Jul 2013 0:01
"I have seats right next to the players entrance on the pitch on Saturday I'll be seeing them before any of you! :) muhahahhah "
12th Jul 2013 3:34
"Cant wait for Melbourne,hope the new boys are playing."
12th Jul 2013 6:05
"I got my eye on mignolet. Hope iago is sharp."