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Sounds like an impressive player! If Brendan feels that he is suitable for the team then we should trust him! YNWA! :-)
11th Jul 2013 13:29
11th Jul 2013 13:31
"YES!!! Now we're talking. Get him guys!!! He's class "
11th Jul 2013 13:34
"Looks a good player, very like Coutinho and very fast."
11th Jul 2013 13:36
"hopefully can make the same kind of impact as modric IF this article is true. after coutinho's impact, would be great to bring in more of that 'samba beat'"
11th Jul 2013 13:37
"well great news but i don't believe it until we have made an official bid for him. "
11th Jul 2013 13:37
"Don't bother, going to Spurs! We're just being linked without any concrete offer! That's awful!!"
11th Jul 2013 13:40
"Get him asap. Very strong for his size and has great vision and touch. "
11th Jul 2013 13:41
"I would also like to see us targeting a defensive mid as cover/competition to Lucas.Also get Cissoko to fight with Enrique for the left back position.We need strong competition all over the field"
11th Jul 2013 13:44
"hahaha you don't read that 2nd last paragraph an awful lot do you :P"
11th Jul 2013 13:44
"i wish but this just wont happen. please just sell suarez if he wants to go with that and the transfer money we have not spent yet, as we have broke even so far, we could sign 3/4 top quality players 60 million will get us alderbeild (however you spell it), cissokho, bernard or eriksen and another 20million player. strength in depth!"
11th Jul 2013 13:53
"It would be great to land this guy. Moreover easy to say his name in contrast to Henrik Ma!#$...."
11th Jul 2013 13:55
"Very Tasty, i think he would fit in nicely with what BR is trying to do, this guy is a must, pull your cheque books out LFC and dont let this one go!!!!!YNWA"
11th Jul 2013 13:58
"wow, I hope this is true,I prefer this lad to eriksen!"
11th Jul 2013 14:03
"woooooow. I jus mentioned this dude in a post last week. Gud to see lfc checkin him out. SNAP HIM UP QUICKLY guys this kid is a gem. believe me"
11th Jul 2013 14:08
"Sounds like this rumour might run... Very pleased if it's true!!"
11th Jul 2013 14:17
"I think they must fire the man how do the evolution of the players Liverpool wants to buy, because every time you hear Liverpool loose out "
11th Jul 2013 14:19
"Certainly a player I would go for although I feel 15M is a bit too much considering what we paid for Coutinho. He can play anywhere in that final third and having a midfield trio of Bernard, Lucas and Gerrard sounds very promising to me. Coutinho and Sturridge down the wings and Aspas CF. I say offer 12M and see what they do. "
11th Jul 2013 14:31
"Just get him. Bernard, Coutinho, Lucas & Gerrard would be incredible."
11th Jul 2013 14:34
"Looks like a good crosser and finisher. How good is he actually? and how would he be able to fit into BR's system? Dunno a lot about him"
11th Jul 2013 14:34
"Face competition from who ? Spurs now thats a surprise."
11th Jul 2013 14:36
"don't hang about get him now, hope he wants to come to Liverpool."
11th Jul 2013 14:50
"If we can get Bernard for 13m and Hooper for 7m that would be great. Two players for the price of Mkhitaryan. We need players who can score, Hooper can score, Bernard will provide goals, pace and creativity. We need another goalscorer to go with Suarez, Sturrige, a poacher - Borini does not fit the bill as a poacher!"
11th Jul 2013 14:56
"I heard this rumour last night on a few dodgy websites,he would be a good player to go for if its true.Hes very like pc,scolari rates him very highly."
11th Jul 2013 15:01
"I thought he played great in the confederations cup and really added a spark to their national team when he came on. Prior to that i didnt recall gaving seen him play....and at only 20 years old, may be exactly what we are looking for."
11th Jul 2013 15:03
"Signing him would be great but only if it leaves BR enough in the pocket to get 2 C/Ds as we need more than M/Fs. Any news on Skyrtel going to Napoli LFC ? "
11th Jul 2013 15:04
"He seem's like a very promising player, seeing how much he changed the game for Brazil when he came on especially. I know this is only speculation but damn i hope its true he's similar to Coutinho and well we know how much quality he has."
11th Jul 2013 15:05
"Bernard looks like a genius, yes it is Brazil but narual talent like pace, skill, composure and good finish go anywhere with a player. This can be huge and almost to good to be true. Watch youtube clips, he's matured over 2 seasons and can even more."
11th Jul 2013 15:16
"this kid reminds me of juninho"
11th Jul 2013 15:17
"Genuine Two-footed player. "
11th Jul 2013 15:23
"I believe of we get bernard and Yilmaz our squad will be complete (even if saurez leaves) but lets wait and see, I personally would rather not get eriksen!"
11th Jul 2013 15:24
"another unproven player small in stature we wont need wingers crossing the ball ,we wont have anyone tall enough to reach them ,just hope we dont go the arsenal rout "
Natural Poolie
11th Jul 2013 15:24
"Looks a good talented youngster BUT BR has said today that he is looking for players to step straight into the 1st 11. Is this guy good enough right now?"
11th Jul 2013 15:27
"Natural Poolie- yes he is. After Neymar he's the next big thing in Brazil. on the bench for the national team meaning he's further up the pecking order than Coutinho (even tho Phillipe should be in the squad) "
11th Jul 2013 15:39
"Is he good enough ? no, he has only 5 caps for Brazil and is only 20, pace and skill. Some people on here seem to know nothing about football. I'm no genius but know a very good player when I see one. If he's as good as Coutinho he's world class,,, "
11th Jul 2013 15:42
"please please please be true! trust me this would be a top signing for us!!! rated very highly in brazil and by the manager"
11th Jul 2013 15:49
"FInally a decent player linked"
11th Jul 2013 15:50
"is it just me or is every player tottenham want we want to an vice versa doing me head in now when was the last time tottenham didnt want our targets??????"
11th Jul 2013 15:52
"is it just me or is every player tottenham want we want to an vice versa doing me head in now when was the last time tottenham didnt want our targets??????"
11th Jul 2013 15:58
"I watched most of the Confeds Cup and I have to say Bernard was one player who did stand out. He is of similar stature to PC and seems to be of the same quality. One young player I would happily like to see us sign. "
11th Jul 2013 16:05
"We need to buy this guy. Classy with plenty of pace and skill. With him and Countinho up front we'll be scaring the life out of any team in the prem. Still need to shore up the defence though. Then I think we're ready. "
Innocent man
11th Jul 2013 16:20
"it would have be great but who know if ECO have become insidefootball.BR save our MF please.YNWA."
11th Jul 2013 16:21
"its all well and good buying youth players with prospects but we have to remember we are in the premier league fighting for ' at best a champions league spot' and brendon rodgers should concentrate on this i feel. "
11th Jul 2013 16:28
"Well said adie65.midfielders and strikers? no, we need two strong central defenders otherwise the team is stll naked."
11th Jul 2013 16:35
"brazilians.. gotta love em :)"
11th Jul 2013 16:35
"Eurochampsforkeeps 11th Jul 2013 14:50 - For starters Mkhitaryan cost just over 23M. We have Sturridge who can score us plenty of goals. Borini can also score if played in the CF role, I'm not sure if you even watched him at the U21 Championships - he played well and got them to the final! We have also signed Aspas - Try and at least give him a chance! "
11th Jul 2013 16:36
"Eurochampsforkeeps 11th Jul 2013 14:50 - If the clubs needs depth and strength, I feel a LB is more a priority than any other position. We need cover in all positions. Why not take a look at the squad as a whole and see what we lack? "
11th Jul 2013 16:51
"what are you waiting for this guy has talent from head to toe ' quailty all over the feild ' not to mention the skill level + his age ' this player must be a now or never ' because in two years time he will cost any team in the world 100m+ its a no brianer really. like nike 'just do it . "
LFC Fan96
11th Jul 2013 16:52
"CMON BR!! He would be singing of the year! Talented, skillful and fast."
ecstatic Kop
11th Jul 2013 17:01
"ok sign him or erickson quickly "
Chris Regie
11th Jul 2013 17:01
"Get him for like 12.5 mil then Alderwield for like 7.5 mil and maybe another wing Jese Rodriguez or Tello for like 6.6 mil"
11th Jul 2013 18:13
"I hope this is true and we get him because he is a class player david silva type but with brazilian flair, come on BR make this one happen. Y N W A"
Man Kojo
11th Jul 2013 18:49
"Get Bernard and Yilmaz and LFC will be a top 4 team.Act quickly please,BR&FSG and sell SUAREZ."
11th Jul 2013 19:11
"Come on, we must offer the right dosh for this guy. "
11th Jul 2013 19:20
"Like this player. Bit concerned that too many south Americans in 1st 11 would leave us short when copa america comes round. and a lot of players travelling a long way for international duty. Coutinho Lieiva Bernard (Suarez?) (Coates?)"
11th Jul 2013 19:43
"This sounds like it would be a great bit of business. He has everything is two footed, skilful and most importantly has a quick footballing brain. If we can get him for a sensible price then we will have mad massive strides forward. Still only a rumour at the moment, lets hope its one that comes through. "
Vosta Lee
11th Jul 2013 19:48
"To put it in perspective, Coutinho is NOT in the Brazilian national team right now. Bernard is. Also, a lot of Brazilian fans in the Confederations Cup preferred Bernard over Hulk. In other words, he does bring something to the team. If we can get him for 15M get him. It will be more of a bargain than Joe Allen, with all due respect."
11th Jul 2013 20:01
"ArklowRed 11th Jul 2013 19:20 Very good point, hopefully we should have the depth in the squad to cover for them. Live in hope until the transfer season closes."
Champions Of Europe
11th Jul 2013 20:29
"The signing of this lad would be great, if not just for calling him Bernard with a Yorkshire twang!"
11th Jul 2013 20:49
"Reports that there was early speculation of City, Spurs and Dortmund all holding talks..but that was weeks ago with no further mutterings..and as all have bought big name midfielders between now and then (Fernandinho, Paulinho and Mkhitaryan respectively) there may be a chance we could steal this one away!!Go on BR"
11th Jul 2013 21:00
"This would be a great signing if there is any truth to this rumour. Someone mentioned Hooper? Are you for real?! That would be ridiculously stupid. "
Y.N.W.A Jack
11th Jul 2013 21:26
"This lad is class come on Brendan, him coutihio Alberto as pas Gerrard, frighting!!!!!"
11th Jul 2013 21:27
"Didn't know Brendan loved Dogs, So He'e gonna buy The Wife a St Bernard? Ah Bless His Heart! Lovely guy!"
11th Jul 2013 21:32
"when he came in for Hulk, the first though I had was, how I wish LFC will sign this chap, I hope that is going through, he is a fighter and has potentials"
11th Jul 2013 22:06
"Looking at the scout nation 6 minutes video...we should get him asap. I am sure spurs and Dortmund will be after this guy after they hear Liverpool FC interested. "
randfield rap88
11th Jul 2013 22:22
"This is a pleasing rumour. Please LFC try to sign him up and try to make this materialise if at all possible. Sounds like a good player"
11th Jul 2013 22:32
"Liverpool is in Limbo until Suarez Sitiation is osrted out. Sad situation but this is the fact."
11th Jul 2013 22:47
""hoping" vast majority of barca team under 6 ft and it aint done them any harm. remember messi jumping like a salmon n beating van der sar against the s few yr ago when they won our trophy?"
Red Rum
11th Jul 2013 23:31
"One word. DIAME..... He should have been signed last summer on a free from Wigan. We came to regret that when Lucas got injured in first game and we watched Allen and Sabin getting bullied for the next few months. DIAME won't be bullied. Super buy. "
12th Jul 2013 0:00
"He is a good player and if its true that LFC are making a bid for him then that's great ,we need players like him."
12th Jul 2013 1:40
"not Over Erikson..Comeon BR Erikson much better than Bernard.. Bring Bernard if Downing is leaving!"
12th Jul 2013 1:53
"siiiiiiiigggnnn hiiiimmmm,,,,,"
12th Jul 2013 2:24
"This is a name, along with Erikson that excites me, I'm very very wishful we get a "world class" talent, because when suarez does go, and with gerrards age, we literally have no "world class" players."
12th Jul 2013 2:58
"pekosjr.. haha i was just gonna say iv seen someone say we should get him and i reckon these sites and papers read this gossip and repost it :D.... Shone at the confed cup, eh he played for about 15mins dint he... he was good tho, and the fact Coutinhio is somehow not even in that squad could suggest his quality. Phil And Lucas could help with this deal if it is an option. esp PC"
12th Jul 2013 3:12
"Eriksen is the player we need to get ASAP then if them yanks give more funds go for Bernard with suso gone on loan we will need more midfielders.muriel would be a good goal getter for us to but its down to funds I suppose ."
12th Jul 2013 10:26
"yes please,,,,"
12th Jul 2013 13:08
12th Jul 2013 18:50
"This would be a coup quality player but I hope it's not at the expense of Eriksen as I feel he will need more time to adapt to the prem than Eriksen"
12th Jul 2013 19:31
"Looked a good player at the confed cup and will obviously fit in well with our team and is the right age."
13th Jul 2013 1:11
"He and coutinho would be magically together, add a LB, a CB, and a proven big name goal scorer and we are sure to be on the right track to success! I'd love danny rose or Luke shaw and then alderweireld and Lukaka. "
13th Jul 2013 4:07
"Would be a great signing! Lets make this happen!"
13th Jul 2013 4:10
"A midfield of Lucas , Courtinho , Sterling , & Bernard , would not frighten a team from Billy Smarts circus , god help us ...."
13th Jul 2013 4:41
"Finally!!! I thought Lfc won't see this player. He is so so good. Please get him BR. I only feel pity for downing."
13th Jul 2013 6:21
"Get him gd hard n fast.."
13th Jul 2013 10:46
"no surprise then to see we may have competition from Tottenham we should of chase d Paulinio haha."
13th Jul 2013 11:28
"not seen this one at all no comment"
13th Jul 2013 16:54
"Get him at all costs, plays with an intensity you don't see in mkhtariyan or eriksen, as well as outrageously skillful."
18th Jul 2013 3:57
"This is where couts Lucas come in to tell him how awesome lfc is and how e every other club is ESP totts and ars:)"