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Wa Alaykoum salaam Toure,Ramadaan Mubaarak to you and your family May Allah help you get through the holy month and make you and the team perform better for the coming season.
11th Jul 2013 9:15
11th Jul 2013 9:17
"Mashallah Kolo! Keep it up! YNWA!!"
11th Jul 2013 9:20
"Its good that before season gets underway it will b over... Anyways all the best..."
11th Jul 2013 9:30
"3am? i think he means 6am and sunsets around 7.30pm in England."
11th Jul 2013 9:31
"Ramadan Kareem Kolo. And every Muslim Around the world... YWNA"
11th Jul 2013 9:46
"WA Alaykum salam brother, May Allah strengthen you more and reward us all abundantly for observing the holy month of Ramadan.Ramadan kareem"
11th Jul 2013 9:57
"Waalaikum salam brother. You and Yaya has always set the best of examples. May you and your family be rewarded with all the blessings of Ramadan. "
11th Jul 2013 10:07
"YNWA toure , salaam walaykoum , best of luck for the month of ramadaan. "
11th Jul 2013 10:12
"karimessex81 said "3am? i think he means 6am and sunsets around 7.30pm in England." Here in Liverpool the fast has to start at 0249 and end at 2143; but that will change by the end of the month to 0346 and 2104. Kolo is correct though. The first week is always the hardest but the body adapts. Ironically, if you don't maintain a proper diet, then you can put on weight."
11th Jul 2013 10:19
"Wa'alaykum salam champ. I agree with what Kolo says and he will only come out stronger, mentally and physically. Good on the club too. YNWA mate, see you in Oz :)"
11th Jul 2013 10:20
"You're damn right bengali"
11th Jul 2013 10:24
"Good job he didn't move to a Norwegian team that plays up in the far North. At this time of year, the sun never sets, so he'd have to go a whole month without eating. "
11th Jul 2013 10:26
"When I saw this I thought how on earth can he cope with the demands and expectations from his club and team mates - Massive respect must go out to the lad! The likes of Kolo are a 'true' inspiration for all who practice the same religion."
11th Jul 2013 10:41
"wa'alaikumul salam Mr Toure, we pray that Ramadan makes you much more stronger and may you have the best season of your career at Anfiled, wishing you, your family and the teams' doctor happy Ramadan season. YNWA"
11th Jul 2013 10:46
"it's really not easy fasting in the summer, I wish you guys at Liverpool and other parts of the west an enduring month and Allah's blessing, we start 5:30 and end 5:25 in Pretoria, South Africa, its winter here, up LFC, YNWA"
11th Jul 2013 11:12
"Wa alaikummussalam Kolo! You did the right thing by joinin Liverpool because we are all part of a universal family! Peace be upon you and your family during this Ramadhan! YNWA! :-)"
11th Jul 2013 11:18
"He's right about Ba too- didn't he really start hammering in the goals at the start of the season, which I presume would have been around Ramadan. Sounds very tough, but he's been doing it for years and Kolo's been a top performer. All the best Kolo! "
11th Jul 2013 11:26
"I don't understand how his body can withstand rigorous pre-season training sessions without taking fluids onboard...??"
11th Jul 2013 11:55
"each honor!God will reward you for your love for him, respect for religion and the solidarity of Muslims and Christians!I am an Orthodox Christian, but I believe that there is only one God who is for all Christians and Muslims and Buddhists and all other good religion!go ahead and Liverpool will still help you!"
11th Jul 2013 13:32
"Wa Alaykun Salaam Toure. May the peace and mercy of Almighty Allah be upon you, LFC and all fans world over. Amen! YNWA!"
11th Jul 2013 13:58
"Wa'alaykumsalaam Kolo, may Allah bless you and your family in this holy month. Hope I can see you in Jakarta and big hope you'll be among us in the mosque near the stadium to do sholat tarawih. YNWA from Indonesia! "
11th Jul 2013 14:16
"Wow, what an interview!! If he stays a certain Uraguayan may be able to learn a lot from your example. Welcome to LFC sir, a real privilige to have you in the side."
11th Jul 2013 14:21
"He's right in saying from 3am. In london sunrise is at 3am and sunset is at 9;06. between then is when we have to fast. we may not be getting stomach food, but our souls are being fed well."
11th Jul 2013 14:29
"That's impressive I should say! Does this also means Kolo didn't even drink water while training? "
11th Jul 2013 14:42
"Ramadan Mubarak"
11th Jul 2013 15:20
"Wa'alaikum Salam brother Toure and Ramadhan Mubarak to you. May this Ramadhan bring all the blessings to you and you and the team excel in the coming season. Ameen"
11th Jul 2013 15:50
11th Jul 2013 17:48
"Ramadan Mubarak Kolo....all the best wishes. "
11th Jul 2013 19:51
"wow! shows his determination n commitment YNWA Kolo"
11th Jul 2013 20:46
"Wa Alaykoum salaam Toure, rooting for you brother, make us proud"
11th Jul 2013 21:29
"Wa Alaykoum Salaam my brother in Islam!!!! May Almighty God will eccept our fast, prayers and all deeds. Inshaallah God will repay you with good here and hereafter."GOD BLESS KOLO, HIS FAMILLY AND ALL MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD WHO OBSERVE FAST". While you are in Liverpool familly now, dont worry YNWA."
11th Jul 2013 22:15
"Ramadaan Kareem Kolo, I am really happy to see a Muslim player in Liverpool. May Allah make you easy during these training days without water and food. "
11th Jul 2013 23:25
"I'm a Muslim from Malaysia n have been a liverpool fan for 40 years. I've the greatest of respect for what the club stands for n full of admiration for how the club has accommodated Kolo. Some of my good friends r christians n together as fans we will stand by lfc thru all highs and lows. May the glory years of the club return to Anfield. "
12th Jul 2013 2:50
"Salam Mubarak Toure ,Insya Allah God will give the strength and health to make LFC do well again with Taqwa and faith"
12th Jul 2013 2:59
"Its makes me proud for having being a LFC fan for 40 years or so to hear the comments from our Islam brother Toure Ramadhan Mubarak brother may Allah give faith & strength to be an Icon with LFC YNWA "
12th Jul 2013 4:02
"Such a genuine guy! Welcome to the club Kolo. Am Hindu myself and have respect for all our religions of the world. Wish you and your family all the best for this challenging, yet magnificent month. YNWA!"
12th Jul 2013 5:06
"Walaykum salam Kolo, so glad you have decided to join Liverpool, All the best for Ramadaan and may Allah keep you healthy, stron and fit. All the best for the season"
12th Jul 2013 8:31
"Walaikum'assalaam Toure. Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your family big brother!! Your commitment is incredible and you lead by example. Keep it up and YNWA! From Mauritius :-)"
12th Jul 2013 11:11
"Ramadaan Mubaarak to you Kolo Toure. YNWA!"
12th Jul 2013 12:05
"the religious affiliation (or lack thereof) of certain players should by no means consute a topic on this site. Inevitably there will always be fans who'll get disappointed, disillusioned even. "