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omg whats happening to my beloved club? top Players want in and we r just idle.Do something Ayre..
Truth Hurts 13
10th Jul 2013 15:26
10th Jul 2013 15:36
"Daniel Agger is staying here. A loyal player who wants to be part of LFC's future and we want him to be."
10th Jul 2013 15:39
"Maybe a bit of a hint he is dropping, but think we should take him, think he would be good for us , again depends on money "
10th Jul 2013 15:41
"so its the same old rubbish papers talking liver pool are this guy that guy, yet wen it comes down to it we havent made any offers for anyone ,"
10th Jul 2013 15:43
"when did agger's future become the subject of conjecture?"
10th Jul 2013 15:45
"i am really fed up of all the rumours linking us with all these players.the same with suarez.please can management of liverpool be honest and let us fans know what is going on.thank you. YNWA "
10th Jul 2013 15:47
"would be a good cover for enrique, a more physical option. good one!"
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2013 16:06
"Here we have a quality cover in defence, like we need. We still need a CB to replace Carra long term, and we just aren't interested. We would rather spend £11M on a spare keeper n buy a couple of bit-part players. Where's the quality to push us on into the top 4, which is supposed to be the clubs main goal? "
10th Jul 2013 16:22
"this guy will be a Liverpool player soon"
10th Jul 2013 16:24
"Matc - i sincerely hope you are right"
10th Jul 2013 16:56
"MTT - Just a hunch. This is a "come and get me" if I've ever heard one... and why wouldn't we?? To a certain extent, I think we're gonna sit back now, though, and wait till Suarez decides what he's doing. I'm convinced he will leave. I don't want it, but I sense he does, and that's all that matters."
coutinho star
10th Jul 2013 17:18
"At the right price he wud be good back up for enrique and if him turned out really good he cud play lb wiv jose moved up to the left wing"
10th Jul 2013 17:47
"LFCBornBred- it is you who are the joke. What's with the personal attacks and name-calling? Seriously man, how old are you?!?! You don't really think comments like that can help the club do you? Moderators- where are you? Get this guy outta here!!"
10th Jul 2013 18:07
"He said that last week...Are things really that slow....Ian Ayre slow"
10th Jul 2013 18:09
""Daniel Agger's future the subject of conjecture"??? Don't think so. He sighned a new contract last October!! He has YNWA tattooed on his hand for goodness sake!! He's Red for life!!!"
10th Jul 2013 18:10
"LFCBornbred is enled to his opinion like everyone else..poolboy"
10th Jul 2013 18:10
"*** Signed."
10th Jul 2013 18:10
"Really LFC. I say enled and you change the spelling..hilarious"
10th Jul 2013 18:23
"Cogser- I don't disagree. Everyone is en-t-i-t-led, but there are constructive means of expression, and there are embarrassing ones. I know ManU and Everton supporters who don't show near the level of disrespect to LFC as BornBred and others on here. If LFC is such a joke, then maybe he/she/they would be better off wearing another color. No club needs that kind of "support"."
10th Jul 2013 18:35
"Have we reached our limit on spending? Will we see these 'additions' Rodgers wants or was it all spin to keep us quiet?"
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2013 18:44
"I can understand all the upset, bewilderment on these boards. Some comments do go too far but we can be proud of the fact we care so much to get riled up!come kick off, like everyone on these boards I'll be behind them 100%, enjoy the difference in opinion, embrace the passion but stay together people."
10th Jul 2013 19:09
"We don't have proper cover for Enrique please get this guy"
10th Jul 2013 19:33
"All the fans want is a show of intent. Not a show of being content. Happy to buy young players. Anyone happy with a couple of young players, a reserve keeper and an old centre back, needs their heads examined. I know there's plenty of time left, but do you trust FSG to financially back a top four push?? I'm not convinced"
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2013 20:02
"Cogser, I know what you mean. All you hear is that LFC want to push into the top four but where is the actions to back this up, cont'd"
Natural Poolie
10th Jul 2013 20:05
" go higher, surely we need better players, we have bought more players but not a better quality. I cant remember an LFC team so far from the top of the league quality. I know it will take time, but I just don't see any financial backing happening at all!"
10th Jul 2013 20:31
"I think we have enough squad and backup players,we need 2-3 top quality players who can come into the first 11.Because lets be honest our so called first 11 have under performed for the last 3 years now.If we dont sign them then forget top 4 and we will probably finish 6 or 7 again.The ball is in fsgs court."
10th Jul 2013 21:00
"Trust nothing the express writes!!!"
coutinho star
10th Jul 2013 21:25
"at the risk of evary one disliking me.i think we should sign nani cus united dont want him but hes the type of winger wev needed for years 6mil is cheap for proven quality too"
Innocent man
10th Jul 2013 22:38
"why are we searching players for other clubs to buy or are we waiting for suarez to go before buying defender also, if that is the case of striker? I think we are like woman that want to cook good delicious food but never want to buy good foodstuff.I am just fade up of all these.NYWA."
10th Jul 2013 22:40
"robinson is a great left back why dont we remember him"
11th Jul 2013 3:29
"I really think Suarez situation and the way he behaves, it is nearly impossible to know what Liverpool and BR can do before this psycho makes up his mind. It is a frustrating situation Liverpool caused by this gifted but mentally unstable player."
11th Jul 2013 4:09
"Enrique perform better last season, and we have Jack Robinson for backup, why we pursue Cissokho? It's not nesccessary."
11th Jul 2013 5:02
"What are we waiting for? For spurs/Spouthampton/Sunderland to sign our targets and we're still waiting? Just like middle table clubs!! :("
11th Jul 2013 8:15
11th Jul 2013 8:18
"My honest opinion is I think liverpool are being held to ransom with suarez,s future & until we sort that out we wont be spending anymore money. When he decides to leave & hopefully soon we can then start spending the cash ready for new players. We dont want a player at this famous club who keeps crying he wants to leave!!"
11th Jul 2013 9:21
"Pipe down Ramesh13"
11th Jul 2013 9:27
"You can tell this article is complete bull. Agger is probably the most likely player we have to stay. Idiots in the press everywhere."