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LFCBornBred - its Rodgers choice on who to pursue. If Rodgers wants him then Ian Ayre with go and talk business, He's tied up all the business so far for Rodgers.
10th Jul 2013 13:50
10th Jul 2013 13:54
"Would be an amazing replacement if Downing left, BUY HIM NOW!!!!!!!!"
10th Jul 2013 13:55
"The problem I think we are facing at the moment is that players would prefer to go to other clubs. We dont have much money and we have finished outside CL for too long now"
10th Jul 2013 13:57
"It's not Ian Ayre, It's the owners. "
coutinho star
10th Jul 2013 13:59
"any one who thinks this could happen your living in a dream land"
10th Jul 2013 13:59
"I donâ"
10th Jul 2013 14:02
"I'm pretty certain we won't be one of the clubs he feels he can 'develop' at. Our caliber of players are similar to Ajax's and he won't get European football. Anyone with that is higher on his list unless we make a silly offer on wages. We really are depending on youth this year - at least our youth looks good!"
10th Jul 2013 14:05
"get him please..he can lead the game!!"
10th Jul 2013 14:13
"We need a couple of experianced players now but lets not assume the papers actually provide us with genuine rumours, they merely turn some random info into a rumour. Where in the quote does it say Liverpool are one of the clubs?! ps Suarez out, we defend him as a club (which I can't completely agree on) then he runs off and we here he wants to leave via media....Genuinely no class, TOOL!"
10th Jul 2013 14:15
"It would be such a brilliant signing. One that screams "we can do it" i strongly believe him and coutinho are the two most gifted players we have been linked with. Coutinho is ours lets make eriksen ours too"
10th Jul 2013 14:21
"No doubting this guys ability, would be just what we need, bit of added class to the midfield. Hopefully make this rumour a reality "
10th Jul 2013 14:36
"Sign Eriksen quickly, otherwise stop pursuing playmaker and concentrate on our defense, sign Wanyama & Alderweireld."
10th Jul 2013 14:36
"Sign Eriksen quickly, otherwise stop pursuing playmaker and concentrate on our defense, sign Wanyama & Alderweireld."
10th Jul 2013 14:36
"I dont no why LFC have gone quiet on the trf's but if we are going for Eriksen i would like to see him here sooner rather that later (and before spuds get him)!"
10th Jul 2013 14:44
"We need to get the finger out in terms of further transfers. We still need a top class centre back who excels in the air. The Suarez situation is not helping us that much but he will leave and so we need replacements. "
10th Jul 2013 14:49
"We are just not serious. Any player that others are interested in, we always lose. Sorry LFC. We are damn too poor. I'm sick of all these nonsense"
10th Jul 2013 14:50
"Is he now?? How come he is still under concideration? What is there to concider? Do you honestly think he is not good enough, or if he does not fit the league.. really?? You were willing to go for an Armenian that is half the player and both older and more expensive!! What is wrong with you people???"
10th Jul 2013 14:51
"Thank you mediators for removing LFCBornBred comment. Hate is an ugly word and has no place on these pages! More of this in the future please- show the naysayers that lack of support in the form of personal attacks will not be tolerated."
10th Jul 2013 15:15
"U are right uchesco,any player dat other clubs are interested in.we always loose,dats y i said earlier we are champions of left offence intended."
10th Jul 2013 15:40
"Sign Michu and Benteke - we need goalscorers not more playmakering midfielders - we have enough - coutinho, Alberto, Suso. We need a pacey winger like Mcmanaman who can drive at defences with pace and skill - Michu and Benteke goals."
10th Jul 2013 15:44
"Don't think he wants to come to Liverpool,wants CL football, and been so long linked with him,cant see it happening, and he is good but not that good, but then again look at Continho did not heard much about him and look at him now, so never know, bit Eriksen wants another club"
10th Jul 2013 15:47
"I really hope we go and get him. He'll be a future star for us. He and Coutinho. "
Man Kojo
10th Jul 2013 16:49
"GET HIM.Very creative and young midfielder."
10th Jul 2013 18:38
"Another false rumour???"
10th Jul 2013 18:46
"Would like to see him here but it really does depend on whether Brendan sees him fitting in the system and has the funds. Might need another all round attacker if Suarez goes"
10th Jul 2013 19:02
"In Brendan we trust..this guy is class and will boost our midfield..I think Allen should go on loan."
10th Jul 2013 19:40
"should b our main target now him n Toby"
10th Jul 2013 19:41
"would love this guy join lfc but cant see it happen, looks like he wants european footy and we cant give him that."
10th Jul 2013 19:43
"I'd love us to get Erikson and Alderwereld, then Ola Toivenon from PSG, this would give us a little bit more chance of making any progress this new season. So far one over the hill defender, another goalie, 2 raw young spaniards, one a B team player wouldn't scare a mouse. Let's step up a gear FSG eh?"
10th Jul 2013 20:56
"Heard a rumour now that we didnt seal the mkh deal,that we are going after bernard the brazlian."
10th Jul 2013 21:51
"The transfer window has been open for 10 days, we've bought 4 very good squad additions & BR confirmed that we're stil in the market for 2 players an attacker & a defender. Eriksen would be ideal & I believe he'd benefit massively from Stevie's experience. Our net spend is 3 mil approx this summer, we have money & I believe FSG will spend it..... But wisely."
10th Jul 2013 22:15
" usuall the other team will get him..we were lucky because no other teams want aspas,mignolet,alberto & toure.. *sigh*"
10th Jul 2013 23:33
"look mkhitaryan has passed us by end of, reality get Alderweireld and Eriksen and we'll be laughing all the way to the champions league next time round come brendan, push them to dig deep, it's the difference to being also rans to the real mcCoy!"
11th Jul 2013 1:51
"we lost Mkhi,,,,now if LFC don't move fast,Spurs is going to beat us,,AGAIN,,I don;t get it, we've been scouting him for months, he's a brilliant player,and cheaper than Mkhi,why don't we just sign him,,,"
11th Jul 2013 4:28
"GET KEISUKE HONDA! I believe his contract is ending."
Chris Regie
11th Jul 2013 8:58
"Pls get Eriksen, we have around 35 mil and we sold carrol for 15 and Shelvey 5 mil and bought iago for 8, Alberto 7, mignolet 9, we have 31 mil left, offer Eriksen 15 mil, also Alderwield for 7 mil, and Jese Rodriguez for 5 mil in which we still have 4 mil left and we're still selling players so BR pls do ^_^"
14th Jul 2013 22:57
"Bring on Erickson pls......"