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Humble words, I would rather say a big part of history and one of the best players ever to play on Anfield.
10th Jul 2013 12:08
10th Jul 2013 12:12
"Come home Xabi!"
10th Jul 2013 12:26
"I agree one of the top 10 players to play for this club,gerrard said he's the best he's played with.lfc legend"
10th Jul 2013 13:04
"A living Liverpool legend."
whacko jacko
10th Jul 2013 13:07
"Xabi u r a liverpool great !! And wish we had u back BUT perhaps one day u will return to manage us !! Relish the thought of that. YNWA"
10th Jul 2013 13:44
"I love the way Xabi always refers to LFC as we. Suarez hasn't left yet and is already saying "they""
10th Jul 2013 14:32
"Always a class act. Thanks for the memories Xabi. YNWA"
10th Jul 2013 14:45
"Not only a LFC legend, but one of the classiest footballers of all time! YNWA Xabi!!"
10th Jul 2013 15:31
"Come back and be part of our future. Please."
10th Jul 2013 18:59
"I love how he still says "we".Xabi you will have a space in all lfc fans hearts...lfcng"
11th Jul 2013 12:46
"WE? He uses that word quite a lot and not only in the past tense. Everytime i've heard him speak or read a quote his heart has always been on his sleeve regarding LFC. Pity he was only woth pound signs to H&G. Just goes to show its not only local lads who can be 100% loyal. I hope our current squad take note."
11th Jul 2013 13:09
"come back xabi x"