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He is even more expensive than the Armenian....
10th Jul 2013 10:13
10th Jul 2013 10:14
"We MUST sign him !!! It'll be a fiasco if you miss him too !"
10th Jul 2013 10:18
" Lfcnatic but I think he's better for English football..."
10th Jul 2013 10:25
"I'm afraid you're wrong there Lfcnatic, the Armenian was bought for about 22 million quid while Christian Eriksen is estimated to cost about 15 million! I say make sure we get him! YNWA!"
10th Jul 2013 10:30
"d only thing i want to hear now is done deal. "
10th Jul 2013 10:31
"I think the Armenian is over rated, the Ukranian league isn't that good - imagine how bad the defenders/keepers are. Get Eriksen"
10th Jul 2013 10:31
"agreed gemboy: this would be a great buy because he's a good player and it would show everyone that we can still attract top players without CL football "
10th Jul 2013 10:32
" sign him up Quick & Toby be 4 other Idiots get in there as like for Henrikh!"
10th Jul 2013 10:35
"Suarez 40 mill....make a deal 20 mill plus higuain, sign eriksen for 15 mill, cissokho 4-5 mill, transfer window sorted and fight for fourth is on "
10th Jul 2013 10:36
"Why we take ages to move in!! is Ian Ayer going to Ajax by Camel!?? hurry up we cant lose him like we did to Mkhitaryan"
10th Jul 2013 10:39
"Brumy, Eriksen has told the Danish press, that the ideal League for him is the la liga, and that the premier League style of football don´t suite him. Gemboy, if it´s true that Spurs and other Clubs are biding the price will rise"
10th Jul 2013 10:44
"Get him !!1"
10th Jul 2013 11:08
"11andy11- how much better is the dutch league? not very much. not getting mkhitaryans a serious mistake."
10th Jul 2013 11:09
"I tink LFC should go for Eriksen. He is way better than the Armenian."
10th Jul 2013 11:21
"BR will buy who he wants not what we want as we don't run the club except on playstation or xbox so relax and have trust in the man see what he does and where we go this season lets face it we can only go one way up as 7th isn't hard to get!!!!!!"
10th Jul 2013 11:22
"kevkc agreed.we need toby too(cb).we can get those three without selling of now we didn't spend a penny in the transfer market.higuain and suarez would be great ,the goal will flow for sure.shift aspas and alberto to the wing.we will cpmpete for top 4 "
10th Jul 2013 11:28
"maybe the jan. transfers will be one class player, whwn rodgers and fsg see that we going nowhere with mediocer players, only star we signed so far is kolo, what a shame..."
10th Jul 2013 11:32
"think this guy would be awesome for us and at a snip compared to the Armenian so hope rumours are true and we get him "
10th Jul 2013 11:34
"the lack of champs league isnt the only factor. monaco no champs league,, when man city got their stars there where no champs league.. money talks and belief that this projekt is going somewhere. apparently not the case with our team.. but YNWA anyway will always love this club"
10th Jul 2013 12:06
"KopThat26 10th Jul 2013 10:32 ,Agree 100 per cent, if Skyrtel goes to Napoli we will be left high and dry at the back, as for goals I think they will come easier now we have Coutinho, but depending on the Saurez think I say take 50 mill plus and get 2 strikers as PC can play with anyone up there, YNWA LFC"
10th Jul 2013 12:11
"He would be more expensive than the armenian if he had more than 1 year left of his contract. A lot more expensive."
10th Jul 2013 12:12
"Get him I don't think he will be more costly than Henrikh.The other option would be Thiago Alcantara who wants regular football something Barca can't give."
10th Jul 2013 12:39
10th Jul 2013 12:49
"spuddy1892 - we got Suarez from the Dutch league - BR should try for Michu (Swansea) also - proven attacking midfielder in the Prem league and much cheaper"
10th Jul 2013 12:57
"Pls Rogers, do not lose out on Erikson now, we need him more than ever."
10th Jul 2013 12:59
"We really need this type of player(Eriksen).LFC must make a bid faster before any other club."
10th Jul 2013 13:16
"What are we waiting for? Heard Ian Ayre cancelled his trip to Brazil to sign Mhktaryan, so where is he? Elsewhere, - Deulofeu close to Everton - W.Bony signing for Swansea, - Everton close in on £8m deal for Chelsea's Moses, - Chadli in talks with Tottenham So what are we waiting for?"
10th Jul 2013 13:20
"Spuddy1892 - try this"
10th Jul 2013 13:25
"FSG believes in investing in young, up and coming players on less wages than proven stars. While that can mean a lack of experience, if they supplement the squad with hungry talent at all positions, the stars can excel as well as the youth. Eriksen fits the bill, and his transfer would signify real intent for next season. GOFORIT!"
10th Jul 2013 13:31
"Lfcnatic no he isnt.....where on earth do you get such deluded thoughts??? the catholic church???? eriksen is 15-17mil not 25 son, sit down"
10th Jul 2013 13:32
"If we can buy him for 6-8 million, it would be a good signing..."
10th Jul 2013 13:46
"get the player. he can score with his left or right...he also want to develop more. br will be the coach to take him forward..."
10th Jul 2013 13:54
"i really love to see eriken in LFC shirt "
10th Jul 2013 18:46
"Why haven't we signed him already, we should of bought him last season. He shouldn't be that expensive with only one year left on his current contract. 15 million perhaps.. My only worry is that if Suarez leaves who could replace him as a world class striker."
10th Jul 2013 19:44
"StRoth,Im Not Catholic :-D Mind i my words, he will go for the same amount or higher than the armenian... "
10th Jul 2013 20:46
"i think wanyana( I don't know if I've said it right) but he's got a bit of hard about him as well, Eriksen I think so as for suarez I'd like to walk up and down his arse two faced little , I know this won't be published but there yaeh go!"
11th Jul 2013 4:28
"GET KEISUKE HONDA! I believe his contract is ending."
11th Jul 2013 8:44
"Should get torres back "