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sign him... QUICK
10th Jul 2013 9:02
10th Jul 2013 9:04
"Right ok put a bid in that ajax cannot refuse...thats what other clubs do..we all agree?"
10th Jul 2013 9:11
"It's so annoying that we keep going with nameless players. This kid got potential. Wake up BR and get him..!!!"
10th Jul 2013 9:13
10th Jul 2013 9:13
"This guy is a must! hopefully downing to w ham, eriksen is classy passer of the ball, suarez has to stay..agger vice captain. ynwa"
10th Jul 2013 9:19
"please please sign this guy he is the man who can really help us become a force again. mignolet-kelly-agger-skrtel-johnson-gerrard-lucas-eriksen-couthinho-aspas-sturridge = class"
10th Jul 2013 9:19
10th Jul 2013 9:29
"The fans DEMANDS the signing of this guy!"
10th Jul 2013 9:29
"Please buy him BR. You won't repent."
10th Jul 2013 9:30
"i looked into my magical 8 ball and i predict we spend 3 weeks being constantly linked with him, no bid to be made and we miss out instead opting for a cheap kid with potential and low wages. JUST GET ERIKSEN AND STOP **G ABOUT."
10th Jul 2013 9:34
"you people need to get a grip, its ok saying sign him and Br needs to move quickly and put a big offer in, but the truth of the matter is would he want to sign for us?"
10th Jul 2013 9:42
"PC is head and shoulders above this guy, at international level he goes missing big time, if he arrived rodgers would have to work hard coaching like he has with hendo to improve him! not fussed if miss out on this one!"
10th Jul 2013 9:43
"Have u ever thought that we maybe trying to sign him but he is undecided whether he wants to join us? He basically told Dortmund to come & get him despite knowing our interest...We can make demands but if he's not convinced what can we do. "
10th Jul 2013 9:45
"As i thought BR doesn't want to buy more plyers and cuz he gave the important numbers to average players"
10th Jul 2013 9:51
"As a dane i now that he wants to come to LFC. Agger has told the media that Liverpool neds him. He dont go for the monty but time ón the field is what he wants."
10th Jul 2013 10:00
"Sell Suarez, get Eriksen + Benteke and Ilori, I wont ask for more!!"
10th Jul 2013 10:01
"He wants CL football surely..."
10th Jul 2013 10:05
"Someone can mention me a player to whom the Spurs isn't linked with? Are they buying 50 players or what?"
10th Jul 2013 10:09
"The King is dead. Long Live the King"
10th Jul 2013 10:14
"Kaashede- so ur saying he wants the guarentee of starting almost every game? There can be no guarentee, u've got to earn your place here. "
10th Jul 2013 10:18
"The perfect replacement for LS is Stefan Jovetic (25M)"
10th Jul 2013 10:27
"sign Eriksen £15 mil, Alonso £10 mil. same price as MKH"
10th Jul 2013 10:30
"sign Eriksen £15 mil, Alonso £10 mil. same price as MKH"
10th Jul 2013 10:31
"F..king GET HIM AND TOBY!!!!!"
10th Jul 2013 11:00
"just put in a 10 million bid and sees what ajax think of that, he would be good with coutinho, gerrard and lucas then we could get rid of suarez as well who should go for 40 million but if we get that money you can be sure ajax will be looking for 20 million as is the case usually, sign him up"
10th Jul 2013 11:04
"Reckon he will be another Mikhitaryan , ie go to someone who offers him more money than us,big name players are not going to be attracted to Liverpool. "
10th Jul 2013 11:41
"RedRivelino- no but better chance at Liverpool than Barca or Monaco. They are also ón his trail, and one of Them make a bid before Liverpool am affraid."
10th Jul 2013 12:03
"Sell suarez for 50m and bring in Benteke and Eriksen!!"
10th Jul 2013 12:21
"Eriksen is a completely different player to herikh mkh,eriksen is in the same role as pc while mkh can play anywhere along the front 3.Thats what brendan wants,i would go for mata if he became available and wanted to come."
10th Jul 2013 12:23
"DoctorLiverpool 10th Jul 2013 9:29 As a Liverpool fan you are the 1st I've ever heard saying the fans demand, LFC don't do demands, are for Alonso guys read more he ham ruled a return OUT, end off, Skyrtel goes to Napoli we need 2 C/D or we are it big mess. This talk is only to start a bidding war like Henrik M/K. Name LFC and the price doubles ? YNWA LFC "
10th Jul 2013 12:48
"We need something to get excited about, signing kolo toure doesn't do this. Please give us a "treat" this boy will do nicely. "
10th Jul 2013 12:49
"We must not miss out again, If our target is top four we need a signing like him"
10th Jul 2013 13:01
"BR get him!!!!!"
coutinho star
10th Jul 2013 13:43
"this guy has NOT got the right profile hes a real international and he dosnt play in the second divison "
10th Jul 2013 13:53
"yes, please sign him. stop these rumours...sign him..."
10th Jul 2013 14:43
"I like that he wants Ajax to make some money off him instead of leave on a free next season even though that would open up his options. Good head on his shoulders. Hope D-agger can convince him about us (and we actually go for him!)"