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Lets turn the books around on this one and hijack the spuds deal if its true what you read in the media. Its all gone quiet on the transfer news now since we lost out to that armenian...come on FSG pre season as started and we need two big players in.
10th Jul 2013 9:03
10th Jul 2013 9:05
10th Jul 2013 9:20
"benteke is class but please get eriksen, wanyama and either cissokho or alderweireld. "
10th Jul 2013 9:44
"As i thought BR doesn't want to buy more plyers and cuz he gave the important numbers to average players"
10th Jul 2013 10:01
"We aren't buying him and the papers have no clue who we are buying. I reckon after the latest developments with Suarez, the management team are holding their time to see what happens. If no offer is made I very much suspect two more players in, a defender and attacking player. Not Benteke though, don't need him."
10th Jul 2013 10:30
"If Villa want 25m for Benteke after one season, Suarez must be worth 60m. After all, he has proven he is not a one season wonder but can produce consistently. Suarez never gets injured and can play well after long haul trips. Sounds just like the player we need next season to get us into the CL..."
10th Jul 2013 10:30
"£25m no thanks"
10th Jul 2013 10:56
"Benteke is a beast but no way is he a 25M player- yet. Villa will keep him until January at least. If they are in the bottom half, but Benteke is performing, they may just get their valuation. Keep in mind that in a world cup year, players HAVE to play their best no matter what shirt they wear. Villa know this. He ain't going anywhere."
10th Jul 2013 11:04
"there is no way we will sign him unless we get in and put in a twenty million bid before everyone else and thats not gonna happen we done spend money we make it and put it into stupid kit deals that are useless time to put your cards on the table fsg, play ball."
10th Jul 2013 11:18
"LFC fans should stop wasting their time. LFC will not get Benteke. Period. If cheap Ericksen is difficult for us how do we tink we can get the Armenian. I knew it wouldn't work. We only need a DM and a CM: wanyama or diame or flamini and Eriksen or Jorginho"
10th Jul 2013 12:17
"Aston Villa always do that an usually end up messing a players career by not doing deals with potential clubs by asking for ridiculous amounts.Benteke is still a young player in progress he is not yet the real deal therefore a price of maximum 15mil would be more the right price."
10th Jul 2013 12:40
"Isn't Benteke doing exactly the same as Suarez is reported to be doing at the moment? He has another 3 years left on his contract and has asked for a move away. Don't people think he may do the same to us if he does well?.... Good player though."
whacko jacko
10th Jul 2013 13:03
"Benteke is a class act but fully unproven in a 2nd season in EPL and of course will try to improve in world cup year. But also will try to move on if we don,t get a 4th spot or better just like that snake Suarez is doing to OUR great club. If he,s doing it to villa he,ll do to us."
10th Jul 2013 13:41
"Don't want benteke ...this reeks of Andy Carroll transfer!! Whilst we have suarez, who will only give 100% on the pitch, then we should stick with him, then look for a better more established striker (than Benteke) in January ...less clubs are looking then, which means compteing with teams in CL won't be so much of an issue"
10th Jul 2013 14:24
"We know Suarez is leaving so come on pay what Villa want and sign a top striker like Benteke or are we going to wait to the last day of August. An angry fan"
11th Jul 2013 2:54
"Get Benteke for 20m. Will be just as good if not better as Mkhitaryan."