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Nicely done. Coutinho was great last season, his killer pass was brilliant & him & Suarez combine brilliantly. Suarez, Sturbridge & Borini all make great runs and can benefit from Coutinho's ability.
16th Jul 2013 9:04
16th Jul 2013 9:04
"Great article, I am a fan of this type of football anyway but Coutinho has already shown he has that X factor, I was worried he may get bullied a bit but like Lionel Messi his size has disguised just how strong he is and with the new additions I can't wait for the new season, it may not be instant success but I think as the writer said we are on the right path YNWA"
16th Jul 2013 9:06
"Unfortunately claiming Brazil's Ronaldo to play in the 10 role undermines your opinion before you've started."
16th Jul 2013 9:15
"Having said these, can we hope for Bernard to check in soon? I think he could be the really huge X Factor for the team notwithstanding Suarez presence in the team."
16th Jul 2013 9:40
"Nice article. I see your points. However, Ronaldo neither wore the number 10 or more importantly, played in the number 10 role. Ever. Not even remotely. I think that Brendan will sign another "facilitator" as you put it before Joe Allen makes the step up. "
16th Jul 2013 9:48
"Actually, early on Ronaldo played in the number 10 role off Romario for both Barca and Brazil."
16th Jul 2013 9:50
"Great article, Si, looking forward to more of these. Coutinho created a clear-cut chance more frequently than any other player in the Premier League last season ( but I agree that he will be a marked man next season. Hopefully his impressive relationship with Sturridge can continue to blossom."
16th Jul 2013 9:51
"Obv more of a second striker, but still. Number 10 role."
16th Jul 2013 10:00
"Far too many 'experts' on here nit picking whenever they can. Great article, well written, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well done on your first posting."
16th Jul 2013 10:15
"Strike partner more than anything and being opposite another number 9 doesn't make you a number 10. It is a different style of play. Did Ronaldo drop into "the pocket" where players like David Silva, Coutinho, Eriksen - and that is the "number 10 role" Simon speaks of. Anyway, we could do with another facilitator, creative, number 10... whatever you want to call em. "
16th Jul 2013 10:18
"Like I said though, good first article. Look forward to reading your next piece. And it is always good to read a writer's work who actually believes in Brendan's philosophy, rather than usually older folk who remain sceptical. Ynwa"
16th Jul 2013 10:25
"It was interesting about Coutinho and Juninho being cousins but stopped reading after it read Allen possess huge talent."
16th Jul 2013 10:31
"Another Allen hater^^ Obviously knows nothing about football. Go and support someone else"
16th Jul 2013 11:01
"Excellent start to your Talking Reds column Si. Looking forward to reading many more."
16th Jul 2013 11:28
"I like Allen, I don't like haters. Why don't you do one instead?"
16th Jul 2013 14:38
"Really good article. Have I missed something or has this been edited since? He doesn't mention Ronaldo... "Over the years South America has provided some of the best No.10s to ever play the game. The likes of Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and Maradona." I agree he's been a little gem so far. Looking forward to see what this season brings, should be interesting."
16th Jul 2013 15:02
"read the article, he never mentions ronaldo...why are you all so quick to write this guy off? Simon's article should make us all excited for the future. YNWA"
16th Jul 2013 15:29
"BR's philosophy is tika taka."
16th Jul 2013 15:45
"Gentlemen, would you please read more carefully, Rivaldo, not Ronaldo. "
16th Jul 2013 16:13
"For those of you coming late to the party. This article has been edited. It DID say Ronaldo earlier on. So rather than 'writing off' peoples comments. How about using a bit of common sense."
16th Jul 2013 16:34
"Very well written article, I agree that this philosophy is the right way to go and BR has shown he's not afraid to do what is necessary to get where he wants to be - next season will be very important if we are to see if this will work or not, I am very positive!"
16th Jul 2013 16:35
"Rushjob-10.00- couldnt agree more, realy good arlicle and i like the idea of the no10 role and what the player brings to the game.its mich better than the focal point no9 ( who can easily be mark by good defenders) couhtino may fit this role well. I beleive BRs pliosophy,and cant wait for the coming season..........."
16th Jul 2013 16:40
"Love Coutinho but anybody know where Pacheco's going as its not on Tour!"
16th Jul 2013 16:53
"It previously said Ronaldinho, Maradona and Ronaldo - but has been changed to say Rivaldo. "
16th Jul 2013 16:58
"Well I've got nothing to say. Frankly I don't think is needful saying anything now"
16th Jul 2013 17:23
"Couthinho = Can Opener bit like Yossi, Beardsley and Molby and Ray Kennedy."
16th Jul 2013 17:27
"Please, please, please get Erikson and Alderweireld asap, followed by Benard and Ola Toivenon. That would set us up nicely for Pt2 of FSG's ten year plan."
16th Jul 2013 17:30
"Get Abel Hernandez (Palermo) as well, we need competition to be fiercely compet-i-tive in the striker department."
Liverpool NY
16th Jul 2013 17:34
"Pacheco is not on a plane..has a bad feeling he is sold...He is very talented and he never got a real chance "
16th Jul 2013 17:58
"Would love more articles like this in the future LFC. Indeed the next season will be bigger than last for Coutinho since teams will have been able to analyse his playing style and try and find out how to defend against him. How he does will also depend on others though. Our DM to give him freedom and our forward players to give him a pass to aim for."
16th Jul 2013 18:09
"A good article. I concur - YNWA!"
Bib l f c
16th Jul 2013 20:47
"Good article, maybe the light should come out of the closet and have a read......BIGGER PICTURE....."
16th Jul 2013 20:51
"what a great read and if the opposition are worrying and marking PC it will leave space for , aspas and sturridge hopefully saurez to thrive... imagine trying to mark all of them in one match lol and well said Rushjob!"
16th Jul 2013 20:53
"to bib lfc... I am one of the open minded individuals that comment on here and get slated for it... I said all this about PC before he arrived and got slated for it, Assaidi also has the chance to shine this season he is a good skilful player but I have to say pacheco looked effective the other day!"
16th Jul 2013 20:58
"even when rodgers was swansea manager, I said on he what a great manager he could be for us with his philosophy of football and again got slated for it saying I knew nothing about football.... hmmmm how things change eh..... so far I have been right with every comment bar one.... Hendo clearly proved me wrong, but how good is that for him and LFC!"
16th Jul 2013 21:27
"Wonder what would happen if our No 10 got injured. Currently there isn't effective subsute in sight. Hope we do sign one more No 10 before the summer transfer is completed"
16th Jul 2013 21:32
"The light- top man lad"
16th Jul 2013 22:18
"thanks centre circle! and to eteoy, Steve g can play that role or saurez, but even better the young lad bernard!!!!"
16th Jul 2013 22:20
"also alberto can play that role!"
16th Jul 2013 22:29
"Liverpool New York thanks. Agree Danny is talented just needed a run"
16th Jul 2013 22:53
"The light yes stevie g can- looking forward to the new sesson and seeing what unfolds mate.intetestind to see the style we will play with aspas in team"
16th Jul 2013 23:10
"hey centrecircle, it is the most exciting season for LFC for years, and I actually believe anything is possible for us!"
17th Jul 2013 1:18
"Great article, really nice read. For some of you on about Pacheco not being part of the Tour Squad, on the original list posted on LFC Facebook he is listed as part of 28 man squad!"
17th Jul 2013 2:09
"HEY BIGSHANKS, I noticed that too, so I wonder why he has been left behind, maybe an injury, I would like him around the squad this season to see what he can offer!"
17th Jul 2013 2:20
"Mr Simon Steers ... you have good vision and Paul Tomkins will benefit from having you on his team of writers! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more of your work. YNWA, Simon"
17th Jul 2013 6:12
"Nice article.New generations of fans who have never seen the glorious teams of the 80s or king kenny as a player and a manager are quick to criticize but yeah kenny built the best liverpool side ever, better than 2005 by a hundred times.But as i say new fans dont have that yardstick, but i hope in the future they will, and they too can say "this team is a hundred times better than 2005!""
17th Jul 2013 6:23
"Facilitator? nice to see american expressions working their way into LFC!"
17th Jul 2013 8:06
"This lad is going to feed killer balls to an array of attack minded players we have ... Alberto, Aspas Sturridge, Suarez and Borini. .... Ibe and Sterling on the flanks are going to add speed to our attack. A solid team BR has put together without overspending. YNWA! "
17th Jul 2013 10:49
""Please i don't no if some of you cant read?"Nice article but he never mentioned Ronaldo,U bad readers must apologies to the writer for not reading well ahh."