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I am kinda ed right now, Mkhitaryan confirmed to BVB (no bid made by us), Jose Callejon to Napoli for 10 mil euros... Not Xabi not coming home. Slow transfer team...
9th Jul 2013 14:26
9th Jul 2013 14:33
"shame he would be ideal back home but he isnt the sort to say he could go elsewhere while under contract so u never know and if madrid descide they wont give him 1st team footy then you never know YNWA"
Rhodsi LFC
9th Jul 2013 14:33
"Disappointed but kind of seen that comin tbh.. come on BR u have to move fast for ur targets! YNWA"
9th Jul 2013 14:46
9th Jul 2013 14:46
9th Jul 2013 14:54
"9xcommander- dont worry about callejon, hes a bluffer happy we didnt get him. i agree though im ed too. were far too slow. mignolets the only signing that looking good so far. lets be fair youtube clips dont mean a players good. alberto and aspas we can only pray will be gems. "
Natural Poolie
9th Jul 2013 14:59
"I saw this happening, I can't understand why we haven't been quicker off the mark with regards defensive players, that's where we needed most improvement!"
9th Jul 2013 15:12
"The transfer window started of so positively, now we are being far to slow and losing out on targets! Come on team YNWA"
9th Jul 2013 15:14
"Wouldn't mind a cheeky little bid on Scott Parker"
9th Jul 2013 15:19
"Why is everyone saying we're too slow for Alonso?! He's not going anywhere! Besides he wouldn't fit in to our setup unless you benched Gerrard. At a similar stage in there careers theres no point, would rather see the likes of Suso, or potentially Eriksen, sparring with Gerrards place."
9th Jul 2013 15:43
"I think we did our business early and well. The last transfer that didn't happened was maybe a blessing in disguise. ... we should never over pay for a player. ... so many times such big value tickets fail at new clubs. .. Torres, Sanchez, Kaka, Robinho, Veron, Arshavin, etc .... BR has got it right and we have the fire power to do well from now. YNWA!"
9th Jul 2013 16:28
"If we don't lose Suarez and he doesn't throw his toys out the pram then I would be happy with the "ins".We still need to shift some deadwood like Spearing etc."
ecstatic Kop
9th Jul 2013 16:41
"Come back xabi"
9th Jul 2013 17:15
"Shame but I knew he would stay. Chelsea £40 mil for Suarez?? We need to be militant with him still under contract end of. Or 40mil and Torres. Ha ha "
9th Jul 2013 18:00
"we will only buy cheap cheap players and all this speculation is all nonsence must hear from BR himself .End of the window I will only see adding 1 more CB to the squad and BR will say I am happy with the transfer window .lol"
9th Jul 2013 18:40
"none of you had even heard of Mkhitaryan and now all say you are gutted we didnt get him...we didnt even contact his club at all... so who says we were after him... man you all read to much in the stories in the paper, when a player is having a medical I will believe the hype... muppets"
9th Jul 2013 19:40
"TheLight 9th Jul 2013 18:40 - I would advise you to think before you post next time. I highly doubt that we "all" as you had posted wanted this Mkhitaryan guy. I am over the moon that we did not waste over 22M for this player. He is not better than Coutinho. "
9th Jul 2013 20:05
"lets look to the future with suso,pc,rs and now la. Getting abit fed up with all the ls balls let him go abroad if chelsea do make an offer make sure we get 50mil min or long shot but.... 30mil plus torres i know he left us but would love to have him back and he is playing well atm. We all love SG8 and FT9 combo"
Bib l f c
9th Jul 2013 20:33
"The Light, maybe you should be in charge of our scouting team as you clearly know more than everyone else.......don't tell me you would not have been pleased if we had signed Mchitaryan ! I know we get a bit excited by the paper talk, but you obviously like to read it, othe wise you wouldn't be reading this page?"
9th Jul 2013 21:35
9th Jul 2013 21:40
"ps...Has Suarez not already nailed his colours to the mast..?? He,s Off for Ch. league footy...Next problem is how much we get for him and DEFFFO NOTTT TO one of our compeors!!!"
9th Jul 2013 21:44
"compeors even...damn typing!!"
9th Jul 2013 21:44
"Let Xabi come for free next season!!"
9th Jul 2013 22:32
"Don't need to start spending £10 million on a bloke his age with his best displays behind him, even at this club. Just remember him for what he was but we don't need expensive pensioners. "
9th Jul 2013 22:34
"Xabi knows the pace and physicality of the premier league. He wants a quite couple of years before he retires. Wrong move for LFC anyway, never as good second time around"
9th Jul 2013 22:52
"Way past his best and to slow for the PL now."
9th Jul 2013 23:09
"according to reports we wasnt aloud to talk to mkhitaryan so cant really blame that onto liverpool if it is true. and so far we done pretty well in transfer market. and like rodgers said he wants another attacking cm and defender so we have to see what we get"
9th Jul 2013 23:32
"If Alonso says he is looking to move the Real Madrid will use that as a mesage of a transfer request and it will have an impact on his wallet. Lets wait til LFC make announcements. YNWA"
10th Jul 2013 0:30
"TheLight... totally agree, we may have made an inquiry about his situation or scouted him but the same way as every team does with maybe 100 players. Might turn out to be a world beater but oh well who knows. Luis7??9 i think he meant those that complained , who the're many, calm down and don't take offence when he clearly did not mean those like you"
10th Jul 2013 5:15
"Very bad transfer team. Sell them rather than players.. "
10th Jul 2013 9:19
"There's always a chance Xabi may want away from RM in the January window if he doesn't get much play time in the new season and he has the option to talk to teams in the last six months of his contract."