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Would be a good buy. Will either force Enrique to be more consistent or will take his place. I just hope we get a strong CDM. I think rodgers is the only one that doesn't think it's no.1 priority.
9th Jul 2013 13:34
9th Jul 2013 13:42
"I think he's class. Get him, before other clubs hear about we're interested in somebody, because then we won't get em. "
9th Jul 2013 13:44
"Really hope we sell suarez as long as all the money is reinvested in a nutter at the back and CDM . As long as coutinho plays centre the goals will come without the uruguayan."
9th Jul 2013 13:45
"Oh yes get him"
9th Jul 2013 13:54
"Now Suarez's agent claims he just wants champion's league so i guess all the press on his back stuff was a ruse. Even torres got more class than this fool."
9th Jul 2013 13:58
"I also wonder if Mkhiteryan would have been more willing to join us before suarez started his whining?"
9th Jul 2013 14:03
"Kopkillah - not everythings about suarez"
9th Jul 2013 14:04
"kopkillah- even though ive had it with his talking (suarez) we must keep him. losing him and missing out on mkhitaryan will put us in dire straits. those 3 signings dont look so good when ya think of losng our best player. "
9th Jul 2013 14:12
"spuddy- wouldn't you rather have 45 million to spend on 3/4 quality players?(that want to play for the club) i honestly think goals won't be a problem without him/ and there's no guarantee he would have another season like last one"
9th Jul 2013 14:24
"this guy would be great competition for enrique. enrique is too relaxed as is johnson. so cant wait for kelly to show johnson he is worthless and enrique to to stop working out biceps and learn to cross. on the other hand,WHY DO ALL OF YOU DISLIKE STURRIDGE???? the man is class. we need eriksen and wanyama end of."
9th Jul 2013 14:27
""we need eriksen and wanyama end of." agreed..."
Bib l f c
9th Jul 2013 14:30
"Would be another good signing, but when are we going to get a great signing? I think we should only have players at our club that want to be here..... Saurez out, and if Chelsea want him that much let's have Mata and Lukaku in a swap deal....."
Chris Regie
9th Jul 2013 14:51
"It would be nice to get cissokho but since we have Enrique maybe lets offer him in a cheap price like 3 mil. Liv needs a either a CAM or ST if Suarez stays tht would be great but if he doesn't we should get maybe Eriksen or Taraabt or Benteke. Also Sahko said he was flattered by liverpools link we should get him. Maybe also replace Lucas with McCarthy "
9th Jul 2013 15:07
"Bib l f c 9th Jul 2013 14:30 We had a great signing in January that a lot of fans tend to overlook in Coutinho, This guy could go on to be a world class player and if we could get a similar for the right wing we will be going places. The squad has a great average so we are also building for the future. LFC YNWA "
9th Jul 2013 17:57
"we have Robinson for competion to Enrique I would like us to get Sakho or Aldeiweireld"
9th Jul 2013 20:03
"Red2theBone9th Jul 2013 17:57 - Robinson is not even good enough to make our bench. He is a championship player at best. Even Dossena was better!"
10th Jul 2013 7:28
"its good signing for us either for squad depth or the inconsistent performance of Enrique"
10th Jul 2013 12:42
"How can you say replace Lucas for a second class Wigan player, no other clubs are scrambling to get him after their relegation...Lucas was our best player in 2011 and only injury stopped him from being there last season, he's one of our top players. As for at the back we need CB and LB and need to keep Martin Kelly fit. "
10th Jul 2013 12:43
"P.s tarrabt is useless..."