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while im excited about our new signings, i still feel that TOP 4 is still miles away from our reach.....hmmm
11th Jul 2013 8:58
11th Jul 2013 9:26
"We will b champions this season"
11th Jul 2013 10:13
"Champions, Yes lads. I want to see that spirit in you, which we had in 2008-09 season with just 2 defeats. YNWA "
11th Jul 2013 11:01
"Raheem cut your hair"
11th Jul 2013 11:21
"Can't wait for the season to start though I'm predicting the lower-half of a top ten finish. Until we can find a way back to a top four/Champions League spot...hard work is all it is!"
11th Jul 2013 11:35
"Give Stevie G a Long term contract.thats all we are looking for.Ppl in Europe and Asia are changing their sides just because of this non sense that stevie is not offered a new contract and we r losing hhuge huge fan wise."
11th Jul 2013 14:05
"Fungi's grow on cowpats- More PR bull from FSG!-They want us to eat cheeseburgers and believe our players are kicking footballs and not playing baseball! What I say is true because although it doesn't make sense and I can't back it up, it is so there! Down with BR,most of the players and FSG! -SARCASM OFF*! "
11th Jul 2013 14:34
"A good insight on the behind-the-scenes goings on. All the best lads as you go through your paces in the run-up to the pre-season friendlies and by extension the beginning of the season proper. YNWA!"
11th Jul 2013 14:36
"BTW does any one know whether any of the LFC players read comments posted in here? "
11th Jul 2013 15:38
"I hope they don't because the same 'fans' will say they're great one week and rubbish and should sold the next! -The 'Lucas'! "
12th Jul 2013 8:47
"we need marquee signings. com'on FSG and brendan, give luis a reason to stay by showing we mean business. there are many players of top quality that would come to us for the right price. we just need to make the investment. it will all be paid back when we start getting back where we belong."
Mr Ostrich
12th Jul 2013 19:17
"This guy obviously knows what he's doing - kept Agger and Gerrard fit for pretty much, the whole of last season. In the past, both players have rarely lasted a season without significant injury problems."