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If this time around we want to be more consistent before cristmas..Suarez saga must be dealt with now..LFC should have give him the ultimatum now so that We dont to scramble for an able replacement towards closing window..
8th Jul 2013 10:16
8th Jul 2013 10:21
"Sorry Stevie there is no chance in h*** we will get top four, spent 22 million sold 21 million and still 2.8 milliom for Ince deal so we be in profit 1.8 million so unless we buy someone good we have not got a hope, sell one or two other player and make even more profit, then FSG can pocket the 61 million tv rights "
8th Jul 2013 10:55
"leerob1313, agreed. What's the betting that if we sell Suarez then FSG will bank the cash ? As for top four, how many times did we hear that last season ? Our record against the six clubs that finished above us was won 1 (a lucky win against Spurs), drew 7, lost 4. Pathetic."
8th Jul 2013 10:59
"Not going to happen skipper. With spurs signing paulinho and prob Villa. Arsenal getting higuin and we are signing inexperienced players, Swansea are signing better players than us, plus everton getting kone "
8th Jul 2013 11:12
"I think Stevie knows more than us...he'll know whether we have a chance or not. One more BIG signing and we will be top four"
8th Jul 2013 11:23
"I'm sorry to say this, but if Suarez wants to leave, then let him. Then get a player that thinks about what he does, if that is a new player, or a youthplayer is less important. We cant afford to have players that are out for several games because of their bad psychic social status. Suarez is a worldclass player, but he got issues with himself at times that he needs to solve."
8th Jul 2013 11:32
"Sorry Suarez, but you have made a mess of things for yourself and our team a couple of times, you are a world top 10 striker, but cant say and do what you want on a fotball field. That is the problem, if you can control that, I belive you can become a worldclass top 3 striker, you are that talented."
8th Jul 2013 11:45
"sorry steve I dont share your optimisium"
8th Jul 2013 11:57
"I'm not being negative but can't see us getting in top 4,not with the signings we are going after.We need proven quality,lets see how the rest of the summer goes.But if the season was to start today I would say no we wouldn't have enought quality to get in the top 4."
8th Jul 2013 12:06
"i don't think we will make top 4 we have no hope when so called smaller clubs are buying better players then us.."
8th Jul 2013 12:10
"With our current squad. We would not even be able to finish top 5. Majority of the fans know we need a LB and CDM and possibly one attacker. I will be very angry if these positions are not fulfilled considering top 4 is our main priority next season. There is no excuses now BR and you know it! "
8th Jul 2013 12:56
"Suarez should not be sold to a PL rival because LFC will find it hard to compete for a fourth place for some time to come however for everyone concerned if Luis wants to leave then his wishes should be respected hopefully outside the PL."
8th Jul 2013 13:11
"leerob 1313 what is your job full time accountant at LFC by the way Spearing is leaving for Blackburn I guess you can joggle with your knowledge."
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 13:19
"you can't win the league by Christmas, but you can lose it by then. BR blew it bu October with an awful start. This time round he won't get the same patience if we start like that again. But imo we have a very easy start this season (manure aside) and could easily win 6 out of our first 7. "
8th Jul 2013 14:14
"Too much negativity here. We have strengthened the team already and there is still more to come. Consistency is the key then who knows what we can achieve. Keeping Suarez is crucial. Stop battering him"
8th Jul 2013 14:21
"As usual, fans getting discouraged when the players in training actually sound optimistic! We've got top quality players at each position now, and a bit more depth added to promote fights for places, but it's not enough. Suarez will not be sold. One more great attacking player will come in before the season starts, as well as another defender. "
Dede 7
8th Jul 2013 17:43
"We shall have do do 2 things to take the trophy. Strengthen the midfield FIRMLY and also keep Suarez. Then we shall be talking."
8th Jul 2013 17:51
"no Europa league this season will help r EPL form. we got a huge chance of making it this year guys. just because of the no Europa factor alone. Even if suarez goes. "
8th Jul 2013 18:11
"Gotta bear in mind that if we achieved the same level of points in the first half of the season as the second then we'd be have finished 3rd, and comfortably as well! How can we say that top 4 is too ambitious? I'm hoping to be contending for the league in 5 years!"
8th Jul 2013 18:23
"Gerrard said "If the Liverpool fans get behind us and show the support that we know they can, I believe we can push into the top four". That statement is certainly true cos on the several occasions I went to Anfield last season it was very quiet most of the time and not the atmosphere that we know us fans can provide. YNWA"
8th Jul 2013 19:02
"We hear you skipper but for hw long shall we wait for tht league cup with average players.Glad your still our skipper"
9th Jul 2013 2:53
"gerrard..every year top 4..pity buy young plys but dono hw to keep them..sell for profit..liv become an ordinary club.."
9th Jul 2013 10:38
"1st no Europe football will help us only 1 game a week 2nd Gerrard is the man he will know more than us 3rd we know nothing we are not the management we can only guess at whats going on till it happens so relax all "
9th Jul 2013 10:38
"4th for those of you who doubt us yes we had no luck against top six teams last yr but don't forget we should've beaten arsenal but stuffed up man city twice but for a shocker back pass and silly mistakes mancs if not ripped off by the ref with a send off when both should've gone what say to that?"