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This was reported over the weekend...why why why are we still reading the same old news over and over again...we want to hear something new everyday not old news all the time...come on lfc pull your fingers out.
8th Jul 2013 10:01
8th Jul 2013 10:06
"alonso ticks all the boxes, a top 4 player, 3 years left in him, supporters would be excited if we signed him"
8th Jul 2013 10:08
"stop being so impatient every1 we all want to see signings and we all want to know whats going on but be realistic if we all knew what was going on the whole world would know whats going on includeing spurs and we all know what they try to do to every target we have"
8th Jul 2013 10:48
"truly agree with u JackHigh."
8th Jul 2013 10:56
"YES Please BR!!!! "
8th Jul 2013 11:05
"If he wants to & they let him go and if we don't hold of untill last minute to make a bid for him, then ok. Yes he got 3 good years, but we also need to get our youthplayers into the first team. We should let the best 2 youthplayers get 15-20 minutes in a game every week, so they get the feel of a game with their HEROES! To have a legend like him in the team would give them a big boost."
8th Jul 2013 11:30
"I don't know why lfc cannot afford players the top level clubs like arsenal, chealsea and man-city signing top players of £17.m above if we dnt sign like them how can we compete with them now no more henrikh deal that brussia dortmond have win d race now talking about alonso before you cheaalsea will win d rest atleast we need 2 more signings with toby alderwield and mkhitaryan or alonso."
8th Jul 2013 11:48
"FSG will never agree to this & rightly so , Alonso would only come to boost his pension"
8th Jul 2013 11:50
"Alonso bk would be a dream for every lfc fan but will it happen?I doubt it,if we were in the cl maybe.I think Alonso might see his contract out and join us next season if we're in the top 4 by then,we can get him free in January so why pay 8-10 mil now?"
8th Jul 2013 11:52
"Lets not LFC be a retirement home. We have already got someone close to his retierement. Why not invest in new talent, players who will be with the club for a long time. Lets have a policy which takes us forward."
8th Jul 2013 11:54
"Bet it's BS but we all love Xabi. Absolute legend here and a true winner. Would win over all the BR doubters who call themselves fans, too."
8th Jul 2013 12:05
"Alonso + 30M for Suarez would be nice. "
Luke LFC
8th Jul 2013 12:43
"Hi everyone!! Thesee are the players I feel Liverpool should buy. Do tell me what you guys think thanks!! Xabi Alonso Christian Eriksen Tiago Ilori Toby.A"
Luke LFC
8th Jul 2013 12:48
"Sorry I forgot to add: Luis Muriel or Eriksen"
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 12:50
"Fox "we're not racist, but we're no.1 with racists" News. Why report this drivel from these clowns? A shocking 'news' organisation which doesn't deserve any publicity whatsoever. "
8th Jul 2013 12:56
"Coutinho_magic Lad, calm yourself down. You got yourself all in a tiz a few weeks ago and haven't stopped since! Take a few days away from the football speculation before you give yourself a heart attack. Football speculation isn't worth getting excited about until you see them with the shirt on."
8th Jul 2013 14:01
"Just come back, please."
8th Jul 2013 14:18
"Love to see him come back. He's not near retirement either you clowns! "
8th Jul 2013 14:25
"If Alonso is 'near-retirement', I wish I could be near-retirement! He's still one of the top 20 midfielders in the world, and at his position, he's in the top 5. He's getting older, but the role he plays means he should last longer than most (Gerrard, arguably, will deteriorate before Alonso). I'd spend the money we got for Shelvey, add a couple million euros and be HAPPY to have him."
8th Jul 2013 21:06
"Coutinho_magic - it isn't what we want to read, are you for real????"
8th Jul 2013 22:12
"Joecos go and support the mancs you numpty!!!!!"