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I can understand with us rebuilding for the future...but dont we have enough youngsters nuture?..are we aiming top 4 in year 2020..?
8th Jul 2013 9:58
8th Jul 2013 11:02
"Lfc we'l be aiming to get back in PL by 2020"
8th Jul 2013 11:33
"Hope this isn't true and we still land our man! Great all round CB with huge potential :("
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 12:55
"Pay the asking price now or miss out again Mr Ayre/FSG. It's not an outrageous asking price, so why quibble over 1 or 2m? Sort it out lads! Toure may or may not be successful & we need to cover our bases as Coates has not inspired any confidence yet. Solid back 4 is the basis for all success."
8th Jul 2013 14:23
"We do need a solid back 4. I think kolo is a clever signing. He was crying out for some appreciation and a chance to make a big statement with a fresh challenge. Dont know who this ilori is but he'll have some good cbs to learn from"
8th Jul 2013 18:38
8th Jul 2013 18:42
8th Jul 2013 19:07
"getting sick of people sayin our signins arnt BIG names cristiano ronaldo wasnt a big name when utd signed him whos to say aspas wont set prem on fire?? paulinho 4 spurs only good for brzl HAVE FAITH IN BR HE DID BRING COUTHINO AND STURRIDGE pee me off negative fans"
8th Jul 2013 20:03
"agree with LFC-KL"
9th Jul 2013 2:56
"same things happen..every year..1 day become bangrup..."