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Well so far we spent 21 million 10 mill on Mignolet,9 on Aspas,3 on Alberto , 22 million in all, out has been Carroll for 15 mill and Jonjo for 6 mill 21 million back so we have spent 1 million in all, get rid of the tea lady,boot boy and a few ground staff and we will claw that 1 millon back, FSG will be proud then kept within the fair play rules , WELL DONE,
8th Jul 2013 10:15
8th Jul 2013 10:24
"Sorry can keep the staf forgot about Ince deal so 2.8 coming there perhaps , one or two more player out and be in profit even more, top four who needs it FSG will have made a profit "
8th Jul 2013 10:51
"If I invested 300 odd million to get a club back on its feet and then provide a solid platform from which to build it back up I would like to think the supporters of that club would be respectful and grateful. What about the millions spent last season leerob? "
8th Jul 2013 10:53
"Plus I think you will find Aspas was closer to 8m and luis alberto 6m plus add-ons :-)"
8th Jul 2013 10:58
"Sign Alderweireld & Wanyama."
8th Jul 2013 11:01
"leerob your right. The business has been exceptional, I just worry though the Carroll money was already spent on Sturridge but even then we have done not too badly. Still time to get a defender and another attacking/creative player in. And maybe even a CDM on the final day.."
8th Jul 2013 11:03
"This rumor about him has been going on too long. Is he really our target?"
8th Jul 2013 11:27
"Lee Leerob you also forget about agent fees,signing on fees and wages.Calm down theres still another 8 weeks to go,look at arsenal they haven't really done any deals yet apart from some lad from the French 2 nd division."
8th Jul 2013 11:39
"we are bound to lose out on toby with the might of Southampton will snatch him while we twiddle our thumbs"
8th Jul 2013 12:02
"Once again not a must buy. We have Skrtel, Agger and Toure who will fight for a 1st team spot. Then we have cover in Wisdom, Kelly and Coates. A LB is a must buy as to is a solid CDM. Honda on the cheap would be a steal and a bonus. "
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 13:07
"IMO a top team always needs four Centre Halves to compete and provide cover for injuries/ suspensions/ loss of form. Starting the season with too few is in my view, the same as starting with too few strikers: a recipe for a disaster. Let's hope we've learned from recent history..."
8th Jul 2013 14:43
"I figure if we did sign Alderweireld, he plays right back for his country (Vertonghen and Vermaelen play CB) and Johnson could rotate to the left. In that case, Skrtel and Agger could stay at CB (or Toure) and we'd have some really good defensive subs (Enrique, Kelly, Coates). I think its a good deal for 10 mill or less."
8th Jul 2013 17:00
"if we cant get PAPA then this guy has to be the next option. id take him over llori simply because of his experience in CL and international football. looks a solid defender, versatile and great on the ball. definitley add goals and more options to our squad."
8th Jul 2013 17:20
"With FSG seemingly restricting the amount of money given to BR for transfers what else can LFC expect but to buy youngsters who although talented are not going to propel LFC into top 4.Why because other teams are bringing in top notch players and they will remain the top 4 clubs and LFC will end up as the 6th to 10th position club."
8th Jul 2013 18:52
9th Jul 2013 2:59
9th Jul 2013 3:45
"leerob1313... get over yourself, the window is just over a week open, there will be many more goings and comings, Arsenal have a massive transfer kitty apparently and can probably boast a positive transfer business at the moment. surely they owners must go. we will spend quite a bit more and anyway price is not always a sign of the quality look at the last few windows. AC vs DS hmm"