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Hopefully Captain You Still Got 3 Fantastic Years Ahead Of You....You Will Go Down As A Red Legend With Jamie. Y.N.W.A.
8th Jul 2013 9:30
8th Jul 2013 9:46
"A real pal of Liverpool club..waiting another century to get these kind both players..GERRAGHER.."
8th Jul 2013 11:57
"Carragher will be very controvertial in his criticisms of Liverpool players just make a name for himself . Altho he did not like anyone critisisng him when he played . I cannot wait for the season to start without him "
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 13:32
"Very surprised that Carra chose Sky over coaching or playing on. I understand why he quit, because he didn't want the idiots blaming him for 'being too old/slow' as they've said about him on here for the last few seasons. But he should have joined LFC on the coaching staff.. IMO something is not right there..."
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 13:34
"joecos: your comments make me laugh. You really don't have a clue mate.. "