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Jorginho, anyone seen anything of him?
7th Jul 2013 23:05
7th Jul 2013 23:07
"Initially rumoured to be able to be sold at 3 million, and now they want an extra 5.5 million. I know he's considered a good prospect but I feel that if we have 8.5 million to spend on him we should dedicate it to a more experienced defender."
7th Jul 2013 23:13
"To slow, Ian Ayre! "
8th Jul 2013 0:35
"After missing out on M/K, we MUST get Ericksen IN immediately."
8th Jul 2013 1:58
"Jorginho is NO GOOD just another Italian that will be injured for the entire season. We need a MARQUEE signing!"
8th Jul 2013 2:41
"Hellas Verona are a newly promoted team to the Serie A. There is not much info on Jorginho, he is 21 and has played 2 seasons at Verona (70+ appearances scoring just 4 goals) in Serie B. Also made 1 appearance for the Italian U21's team. Hardly impressive stats but more like the usual FSG/BR buy then Mkhitaryan. "
8th Jul 2013 7:06
"I'm not confident about this player(Jorginho)"
8th Jul 2013 7:56
"with various reports claiming that Arsenal have had a £30million bid for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez rejected. It is said the sensational offer was made at the end of last week and immediately knocked back by the Reds, who are determined to keep the Uruguayan."
8th Jul 2013 8:19
"Suarez is obviously going... we need to use the money (hopefully 40 mil at least) wisely to add another 20 plus goals per season striker and a quality CDM."
8th Jul 2013 9:01
"here we go again this time chelski going to hijack illori why are we taking so long to do the deal "
8th Jul 2013 9:01
"If Arseole want to give £40 mil for Suarez then take it. let him go to a team that hasn't won a thing for 8+yrs. They won't even qualify for CL next season. They'll be too preoccupied in trying to win the league cup. DESPERATE for silverware."
8th Jul 2013 9:05
"Also, I just got to add that I love how desperate Moyes is trying to recruit any ex players for coaching staff. hahaha. #outofmydepth"
8th Jul 2013 9:37
"Both are overpriced but thats no surprise, please search for better targets"
8th Jul 2013 10:58
"daves87 - he looks a little like Coutinho. Can pass, move, has a good touch some pace and tricks. Just keeps the ball moving, trying to create and annoying opponents. Proper BR type of player and would fit right into what we are trying to do. NOTHING LIKE CARRICK OMG MAN"