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do anybody know about this player
7th Jul 2013 18:36
7th Jul 2013 19:03
"I've watched clips of his performance. Players centrally in the midfield. Looks very much like a Carrick to me"
Vosta Lee
7th Jul 2013 19:24
"Hope he's got more than a Carrick like style. We already have Joe Allen for that."
7th Jul 2013 19:28
"we now need a big star player somebody that has teams looking at him but let us get there first for a change"
7th Jul 2013 19:40
"Not a position Liverpool and BR should even be looking at. We already have creative midfielders in Suso, Coutinho, Alberto and in time Henderson. We need cover at LB, CDM and possibly RW. "
7th Jul 2013 19:52
"3 goals 4 assist in 74 matches do u want him? its ridiculous what we r buying??????????????????"
7th Jul 2013 20:10
"luis7??9 you are so right with that comment, not a position we need to cover."
7th Jul 2013 20:53
"I like this kid. he strong for he age. keep it very simply in he's play. I think he b good cover. and we need cover in case of injuries. he luck of goals and assist r a bit worrying. but he seems more of a holding midfielder anyway. keep the play ticking along. we had scouts watching him at different time who knows. both Milan clubs have scouted him 2"
7th Jul 2013 20:56
"we need to be competing with Southampton for damiao,wanyama what's going on at my beloved club we need quality to add to the youngsters we already have come on ayre get your finger out"
7th Jul 2013 21:00
"Not another wet behind the ears kid!!We need a big name signing NOW!!!"
7th Jul 2013 21:03
"Always Interesting with theese brazilians!"
7th Jul 2013 21:11
"I think we read many rumors about players joining Liverpool. I hope Liverpool is using these news as a smoke screen in order to select the right target. Many teams in UK and Europe do not have scouting/recruiting agents and they use cheap tactics of just following and tagging any news related to Liverpool potential targets."
7th Jul 2013 21:25
"Pleasing signings so far but we do need a big name signing now. Alonso would help our cause enormously. "
7th Jul 2013 22:04
"let's trust in brendan rodgers to bring in top class talent like sturridge and coutinho. alberto looks to have a bright future, but i think aspas is here to warm the bench. How can he displace suarez and sturridge. even borini looks better than him."
7th Jul 2013 22:51
"Luis7? good list of talented young lads but suso is not ready to be relied on. Alberto played as number 9 last year so not sure about him. Cout is epic and can play left also, so another like him who is versatile would be great. Hendo well he is average and not that creative, he is a standard cm does not have the flair or vision for AM"
7th Jul 2013 23:00
"whats going in? we were going for a 25million player and now a 8 million player,i mean are we serious about the league or not we need big players as well as promising players....come on br"
8th Jul 2013 0:41
"After missing out on 25Mil Mkhitarian, why go for 7.7Mil unknown? Doesn't make sense."
8th Jul 2013 1:57
"This guy is NO GOOD it would be a joke if we went from trying to sign Mkh to this guy "
8th Jul 2013 2:18
"Do not know anything about this player, but seriously, have we not had our fill of Italian players at the club. For the most part, they have not settled well or been able to adapt properly and have been quickly sold. Have we not learnt anything? Although it is nice to hear about recruiting new talent, how about filling in the positions we know need filling, defense being the main item "
8th Jul 2013 3:25
"i would guess the club is working on bringing in quite a few players yet... Lb and Cm cover, a CB and a AM... probably preparing themselves for the worse also, if Luis really doesnt want to stay. signing players is not easy and takes time. Four in already, be patient, most other clubs have done very little business if any."
8th Jul 2013 9:46
"Its seems even Southampton has more money to spend than LFC. What have happen to my belove club. Am not asking us to compete with mancity in transfers but show ambition so that we can keep our best players. Period "
8th Jul 2013 9:47
"Another Joe Allen!!! Nothing exceptional about the lad....Unfortunately if we buy this guy we might be spending $20-30 million this window but for nothing but a squad good enough for Fulham... I trust BR but imagine these signings playing and compare them to other squads... We are at best mid-table after losing suarez!"
8th Jul 2013 9:49
"It'll be a team full of second string players with Gerrard...I feel sad for him...he deserves playing alongside better and bigger players!!! YNWA stevie"
8th Jul 2013 9:59
"wow the muppets are out in force again, this is just a rumour and your are all throwing tantrums, put your toys back in the cot and get some realism, firstly we will play better team football if saurez leaves, fact. He is a talent, but no player (or manager) is more important that the club!"
8th Jul 2013 10:05
"Luis7 you couldn;t be any further from the truth. This signing isn't about 'needing' a player, he is obviously one for the future. You and some others implying we don't need him is a totally bizarre statement when we have just sold Jonjo and most likely Spearing. I don't get the negativity, this is young talent with guaranteed sell on value. "
8th Jul 2013 11:59
"Kingwillis10 - You need to realise that next season is all about getting in to the top 4. We need to sign players that can compete for a starting 11 place and at least make the bench. Signing players for the future only will be a massive let down to the club and the fans. koponlads - If LFC sign a solid CDM like Wanyama, our midfield is sorted. "