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why put Swansea news on here????????????????????
7th Jul 2013 12:45
7th Jul 2013 13:33
"Media watch u are really geting on my nervs. is FSG also d owners of swansea. if u dont have anything to report just stay out of our site."
Red David
7th Jul 2013 14:06
"WHO cares?"
7th Jul 2013 14:38
"Nothing to do with us, is it?"
7th Jul 2013 15:55
"VALUE FOR MONEY,,'Why is Bony still in Arnhem? We do not know what they want.' Kacou also claimed to have had had contact with West Ham, Liverpool and Everton over the striker, who scored 31 goals in 30 games last season. MOVE IN NOW !!!!!!! GO"
7th Jul 2013 17:50
"A player we were once linked signing for another team is not news for us Liverpool fans"
7th Jul 2013 18:04
"NOT INTERESTED !!!!!!!!!!!!! "
7th Jul 2013 21:39
"Couldn't care less about what Swansea does!"
8th Jul 2013 0:44
"A proven goal scorer for a reasonable price and we can't compete with Swansea. Bony and Michu or Alberto and Aspas? Looks like Swansea are the bigger club!"
8th Jul 2013 3:36
"madmaxthefirst.. really?? take yourself into a corner and think about what you just said! haha we havnt seen our new signings play yet and already you judge them. no one knew Michu, if we had known his quality we would have signed him... tho many have come and had great first seasons in the prem then been average. Do we want Bony? LS, DS, FB, LA, IA...were fine up front."
8th Jul 2013 6:39
"As per usual, our media watch friends are lazy. It´s like last year and the year before where they were post loads of stories about Standard Chartered and other useless e. Seriously, if it´s not relevant, leave it out. People will get used to, and maybe even appreciate, if you only put a few stories on a week, but that the ones you do are actually acurate and have merrit to them. "