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Please BR send him on loan so he can get more experience but don't sell him. This kid got potential...
7th Jul 2013 11:17
7th Jul 2013 11:20
"Good on you Suso! The learning experience is much better than a piece of metal! Come back stronger and hope you get more playing time in the senior team! YNWA!"
7th Jul 2013 12:16
"The lad will be a permanent starter in a few seasons and it's good to know we have some good young talent maturing in the background. I think Kelly is going to be a leader for us to. He will be one of the best right backs in the league in a season or two. "
7th Jul 2013 12:53
"This lad has got bags of potential. Looking forward to seeing Henderson get lots of opportunities this season. He'll score goals, too. He will give his all"
7th Jul 2013 14:19
"Should get quite a few appearences this season with his talent."
7th Jul 2013 15:22
"I'd like to see some our young players loan out long season"
7th Jul 2013 15:28
"I hope to be our david silva after 3years so he needs more experience let he loan out one season"
7th Jul 2013 15:30
"don't do a shelvey on him"
7th Jul 2013 15:34
"Very good and consistent performance from Suso throughout the FIFA U20 World Cup 2013 campaign. His passing, creativity and tactical aen was a class above his mates. Improved his team's forwards with pinpoint passing. This is oe we shouldn't even contemplate anything close to selling. Wonderful talent we have here."
7th Jul 2013 15:46
"suso will remain part of brendans plans. needs to play more so hopefully will still get chances. depends on how new signings settle as gerrard and coutinho are defo starters. looking forward to new season and hope we have a great start with 3pts and a good performance. come on redmen give the fans something to be happy with although you will never please everyone all the time. YNWA J4T96"
7th Jul 2013 16:00
"Suso is amazing player. Unfortunately he plays best in SG position so will be hard to get minutes. Either loan out or let him start in cup games or out of position to learn the ropes. Supremely gifted footballer."
7th Jul 2013 16:39
" you have potential, but you forward! Your task is to attains goals! Total Appearances for Liverpool 20 Total Goals 0:( World Cup did not achieve a single goal:( in Liverpool's strong competition in the attack, would not play many games: ( Jon had the same problem and had to sell Liverpool to Swansea :("
7th Jul 2013 19:13
"Disappointment is part of the learning experience. You'll grow like many of the other youngsters we have at the club I want to see break into the first team in the future."
7th Jul 2013 19:32
"i would want to see more of this boy this year even to play him when the team has consolidated a win and to give him a chance to start games as well"
8th Jul 2013 1:08
"Definite future star in 2-3 years time. Agree with 'Mtoto-Coutinho'. A starter in any Championship team - loan him out for a full season."
8th Jul 2013 16:09
"This kid is stillour most talented young player but has out grown under21 football. He needs game time at a high level. unfortunatley his best position is where Gerrard plays now.still has allen ahead of him too.Think a loan move would be best all round, or alot of sub apperance in the league and starts in the cup games. needs to be in the right combination in CM to work in the EPL"
8th Jul 2013 16:39
"I hope he gets to play in the same central midfield role this season. Great player indeed."
9th Jul 2013 6:49
"He should be our next Alonso. Don't think we should loan him out but just give him games. No point letting him play alongside 2nd 3rd tier teammates. He needs to get top flight experience playing with the best players. As the saying goes, "If you are good enough, you are old enough.""