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OK, so where will this one end up,, either Norwich will beat us or Spurs will move in late as usual and nab him. In the Henrik saga I had suion's that FSG kept the story alive as long as they could to keep the fans quiet, I hope this is not the same ??
6th Jul 2013 17:10
6th Jul 2013 17:21
"alderwiereld would be great but: w ehave skrtel, agger, toure, coates etc etc. id love to have him but seems a bit...weird. SELL SUAREZ TO CHELSEA AND GET DE BRUYNE and if that fails bid for eriksen my god"
6th Jul 2013 17:29
"insidefutbol are obsessed with this guy or what? "
6th Jul 2013 17:30
"Our net spend is around zero, the likes of Swansea Norwich are spending the same on individual players in the 6-8m range, we have ambitions of top 4 so we now need 2-3 World class additions to take us to That level the likes of Henrik , Toby ericksen bony need to be arriving or like Roy Evans said we will at Best get top 6, so message to FSG lets increase our net spend and really go for it"
6th Jul 2013 17:33
"We cannot stand still so Brendon needs to be backed big time we still need an offensive midfielder a holding mid, left back n centre back to just get us challenging for a top 4 spot!!!"
6th Jul 2013 17:52
"same stories every day,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
6th Jul 2013 18:27
"So far we have signed players with no, or very little pedigree. Where are our world class players? Thought we'd of signed C. Eriksen by now. 2 or 3 world class players and top 4 finish is ours."
6th Jul 2013 18:56
6th Jul 2013 19:11
"No thanks! We do not need you. "
6th Jul 2013 19:27
"StRoth sell suarez to chelsea!!?? are you mad or just an idiot?"
6th Jul 2013 19:34
"everyone frustrated coz we haven't spent a load of cash needs to calm down. Our points tally since January showed CL form. If we have money to spend we will spend it. If not - as fans - it is our DUTY to put our faith in BR to coach his squad successfully - and based on what I've seen so far I wouldn't want to bet against him."
6th Jul 2013 19:45
"Sell Suarez to Chelsea?? What are you smoking? I personally don't think we need another central defender unless someone leaves or someone like Agger or Toure challenge Lucas for his defensive midfield position. You have Kelley coming back who plays central defense for his country and the others previously mentioned."
Champions Of Europe
6th Jul 2013 19:55
"Long time to go yet before TW closes. There'll still be several ins & outs, just looking forward to the final squad. I don't care if we get a marquee signing or not, in a strong wind, any marquee will blow over. Love the way we're building the squad, the other ways haven't helped us reach the PL top or CL recently, so why not try old skool."
6th Jul 2013 20:40
"You guys think we could sign anyone, don't you? This is the real life and players have to want to come to Anfield in order to sign them. And if your so called world class signings don't want to come, they won't come..."
6th Jul 2013 21:17
"We cnt expect BR to perform magic when we are dragging players wth d likes of, swansea,wigan,Q P R. as 4 insidefutbol tomorrow u will start telling us dat we have sign messi or ronaldo. i dnt beleive ur story any more."
6th Jul 2013 21:20
"matc9482 totally agree. wait until the end of TW and have a great start to the new season. hit the ground running. it will be better than last seasons start. keep the faith in the job Brendan is doing. YNWA"
6th Jul 2013 21:38
"Inside Football told us about two weeks ago that Mkhitaryan had agreed terms and would be having a medical at Anfield within three days. I go onto the Liverpool FC website and read any old cr=p that Inside Football dream up for my amusement."
6th Jul 2013 21:40
"I often think if a player is so good then why would another club be so willing to part with such a player?"
6th Jul 2013 21:43
"Futbol of course, not Football re my earlier rant. This source is totally pathetic and i dont know why the website gives them any space."
6th Jul 2013 22:38
"Still love my LFC, Born a red, lived as a red and will die a red,, LFC YNWA"
6th Jul 2013 23:30
"Yeah never mind Liverpool Football Club. Sign for the mighty Norwich!"
7th Jul 2013 0:29
"He's never gonna go to Norwich! Calm down everyone."
7th Jul 2013 0:32
"guys i got a feeling we r missing target again because there r no funds. unless we sale. they wont even let spearing go without full money up front. and that a small transfer. somethink not wright. i cant b only one thinking it"
7th Jul 2013 1:29
""Norwich are interested in Alderweireld", "Wanyama in Southampton's radar", so what the hell are you waiting for, Mr.Ayre?"
7th Jul 2013 1:39
"I don't trust Inside Futbol however the fact it is also on the BBC website gives it some credence. God help us if we lose out on a player to a team like Norwich. Personally, I think this lad, Wanyama and Honda are all gettable at a reasonable price and would certainly strengthen the team to a level for a decent shout at top 4. "
7th Jul 2013 1:46
"If we lose him to Norwich I'm supporting Burton"
7th Jul 2013 2:16
"not guaranteed 1st team here. back up for us, starter at a lower club, thats why we are linked to same players as Norwich. tho we have been linked to MANY CBs so god knows who BR wants. On Henrik, he fits the young and technical bill so everyone linked him to us. not sure he was/is a target. ie. Liked with Alonso and Honda today. hmm"
7th Jul 2013 2:22
"yer i seen it koponlads mail on sunday claim rogers has 2 ask henry if he aloud 2 spend 10m on Alonso because of he age."
7th Jul 2013 6:01
"the sad truth of this saga is that it is unlikely we will get Toby or Henrik as quality players do not want to be part of a rebuild and they want CL immediately. While we are upper mid table we will get guys we are taking a punt on and hoping they turn out ok. We got lucky with Phillipe but this is not a plan or strategy it is a stab in the dark. "
7th Jul 2013 7:43
"I've read Norwich have made an offer what's going on first spuds then Southampton and now Norwich beating us to our targets this is getting embarrassing when we can't even compete with them BIGBOYS "
7th Jul 2013 7:57
"it is gr8t knwing alonso wud be making a return to d club. He is a gud passer of d ball surely that wud help 2 create more chance up feild 4 d club. All we need is a solid CB and a proven CF bcus we don't have any at d moment which include suarez all said i believe if those area are strenghten then not only getting into top four would be our reality"
Natural Poolie
7th Jul 2013 8:26
"Just another quality player we won't get. FSG, where are the actions to match the big words? "Break into the top 4!" When spurs n Arsenal are buying Paulinho n Higuain, all the Aspas's n Luis Alberto's (no disrespect) in the world will help us do that! "
7th Jul 2013 10:09
"archie0809, adie65, StRoth, how can you possibly come to make statements like that??...are you related? all sooo negative. "