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Pepe seems to have a fight on his hands, Mignolet appears to have confidence like steel!
7th Jul 2013 8:51
7th Jul 2013 9:11
"There is too much sentiment from fans at times. LFC are a massive club and its right ALL our players have to look over their shoulders. Pepe was inconsistent last year, it is a sign of strong and decisive management from BR to see this and act."
7th Jul 2013 9:42
"lets just hope we havent got 2 x10 million keepers competing and a lack of experience in other departments.."
7th Jul 2013 10:29
"If the situation will be like that, so how about glen jhonson?? seems he is the only one who is replaceable player, if kelly fits he will move to the left..I hate this guy, just wanna get rid of him from LFC. Soon he moves, the defensive line will be more guarantee.."
7th Jul 2013 12:19
"If indeed Pepe said he can't say NO to Barcelona then he should ask them to come sign him and take him away from here because can't keep a player whose heart is somewhere else. I am pretty sure Mignolet can do the job.J.F.T 96. YNWA."
Champions Of Europe
7th Jul 2013 13:10
"Cannot fault Simon's atide - a great role model for the young players. They have to learn that they've achieved nothing until they've achieved prolonged success & loyalty with a club."
7th Jul 2013 14:13
"nukhu- 'I hate this guy' You don't sound much like a fan to me. Apparently chelski need some, so you can join them if you like."
7th Jul 2013 14:39
"Pepe hasnt had any interviews that a sign of him backing down?"
7th Jul 2013 15:28
"welcome and good luck with your LFC career. can soon see you being our No1 keeper for a few years to come. pepe has to rise to the challenge or although has previously been a good servant move on and bring some money into the club. would prefer to keep both. in brendani trust. YNWA"
7th Jul 2013 15:32
"NUKHU. get a life. YNWA"
7th Jul 2013 15:57
"Glad we signed Simon. The first time Reina said he could sign for Barca was when we should find a backup plan. If he went and we had to replace it would cost a fortune. Great comp for Pepe. May the best man win."
7th Jul 2013 15:58
"Nukhu-You're in the wrong place to be professing your hate for a Liverpool player. Unacceptable. Take that bs to twitter."
7th Jul 2013 16:13
"yes, Pep fights with his hands because it helps him to have better reflexes, as boxers;) Simon a confident, will, and remained as steel! Brad show you that you can defend as Pep and Simon! will be more interesting 'fight' for goal! :) Liverpool is a much bigger club! go to the le!"
7th Jul 2013 18:28
"Nothing wrong with Pepe unless he wants to leave. I would rather spend money on our defence which needs it badly"
7th Jul 2013 19:10
"spot on! "
7th Jul 2013 19:33
"though he is good he might be good to be o goals for those teams which deal with high balls. i am not so sure with his distributions accuracy"
7th Jul 2013 20:49
"Mignolet = Man of Steel"
Natural Poolie
7th Jul 2013 21:38
"Cant wait to see you in action Simon. I like others cannot understand why we spent £10 million on a second keeper and comparably coppers on outfield players"
7th Jul 2013 21:57
"The competition can only strengthen our goal."
7th Jul 2013 22:24
"nukhu you must have a doughnut for a brain,hope pepe stays for another season at least."
8th Jul 2013 5:29
"We need also another top striker to challenge suarez and sturridge. Good idea BR."
8th Jul 2013 6:39
"Like his atude. Will be an outstanding keeper for us for the future. We need competition at LB position as well."