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To see that Kolo Toure already making an impact in training ground just makes me so happy.... I hope he makes it at LFC :) YNWA
6th Jul 2013 11:16
Dede 7
6th Jul 2013 15:28
"great spirit."
Vosta Lee
6th Jul 2013 17:06
"Kolo has won the league with every team he has played for. We've given him a 2-year deal so it's reasonable to think that we will win it all within two years. "
6th Jul 2013 17:22
"Being scouse, our Martin Kelly from Whiston posesses superior footballing brains, better physicality and the right atude. The only negative is that "Aquilani" hairdo that is bordering on a mullet."
6th Jul 2013 17:33
"Kolo it a beast! Kelly is a beast! Bodes well for our defence!"
6th Jul 2013 18:10
"great to have kelly back, but what a great signing Kolo is, for free too, Rodgers is doing a great job!"
6th Jul 2013 18:28
"Glad to see Martin Kelly is back!! Tolo will be amazing for us and I agree it was a great piece of business!!"
6th Jul 2013 18:42
"I've always seen Kelly as more of a CB but he has the desire to succeed at both. Versatile as our own Carragher was. Would've thought that he'd get Jamie to tutor him somewhat. Love to see his Italian hair-do aswell. Italians are known as being notoriously hard to break down."
6th Jul 2013 19:52
"Good to see you back Martin. Expecting big things from you this year! I believe you are the reason we don't need another central defender. Have seen you perform superbly for your country in that role! YNWA!"
6th Jul 2013 20:15
"what kind of defense is Liverpool :) My heart is full :)"
Billy B girl
6th Jul 2013 21:04
"Glad to see you back Martin, BR is lucky to have you! I love the hairstyle don't change it! YNWA"
6th Jul 2013 21:13
"Hey Martin, you are lucky to have BR as a coach, he will bring the best out of you!"
6th Jul 2013 21:39
"good to see Kelly back... hope everyone stays fit and free from injury this season. Cant wait for season to start... YNWA"
7th Jul 2013 0:14
"I have a feeling that Toure was brought in for stability and grooming of the youngsters. Already looks like Kelly is establishing that sort of relationship with him. Give Martin a go at CB in the early cup rounds and maybe the odd PL game when the regulars need a rest. In a years time he could be ready for a starting role since he has the attributes of being a great CB. All the best, lad!"
7th Jul 2013 1:16
"Martin Kelly will be a future LFC legend if he works hard and keeps injury free"
7th Jul 2013 4:51
"harbin91.. Kelly is our new jamie C.. next season he'll claim centre back postion.."
7th Jul 2013 8:21
"harbin & Sandy: I agree - what's the need to buy a new CB when we can have Agger, Skrtl, Toure and Kelly as our four competing for two places...?"