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he is insane hope the defense will be: kelly, skrtel, agger and johnson
6th Jul 2013 11:22
6th Jul 2013 11:28
"Welcome back, Martin! "
6th Jul 2013 11:31
"love this guy hope he stays fit all season and shows what a great talent he is."
6th Jul 2013 12:00
"Great player and glad to hear he is back to full fitness."
6th Jul 2013 12:51
"Kelly has become a unit!"
6th Jul 2013 13:32
"Massive comment from Martin about Lucas. Yet another reason why the Brazilian is a key part of Liverpool FC. Hope your season goes have the potential to go the distance and become a huge star."
6th Jul 2013 13:45
"Good lad. Hope to see you back in the side soon contending for CB. Just don't push your recovery too hard."
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 13:56
"Bags of talent no doubt but i fear injurys might hold him back hope not cus he can replace glenn in a couple of years"
6th Jul 2013 14:04
"Like a new signing but better!"
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 14:07
"I dont get why so many peaple are calling out for us to buy defenders when we have Johnson Kelly Wisdom Agger Toure Skrtel Coates Enrique and can make two class back fours from that lot "
6th Jul 2013 14:11
"Welcome back martin -we need you lad, hope you keep fit and have a great season"
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 14:12
"Ever since Harry Kewell and Luis Garcia left wev lacked qulay on the flanks apart from deadly Dirk"
6th Jul 2013 14:16
"hell yeah!! come on son!"
6th Jul 2013 14:36
"welcome back Martin :) step by step and be fit! do not worry it is a positive nerves ! You are a complete idiot, what is insane? you're crazy! defense will be rotated !"
6th Jul 2013 15:52
"I just can not get used to that hideous kit.. "
6th Jul 2013 16:27
"Welcome back, Martin! For Godsake, though, get your haircut (Andy Carrol look?) or you'll also end up at West Ham! Good luck for a successful season and hope you can be the "next Carra" for us!!!"
6th Jul 2013 16:52
"Class player and the years are passing him by I hope to see him make a big impact this season. Great to hear he is back to full fitness now lets see the best of him."
6th Jul 2013 17:56
"I think Martin would be better long-term playing at centre half. He's suffered a couple of nasty injuries playing at full back so perhaps it would be better if he wasn't asked to be so attack-minded."
7th Jul 2013 0:31
"hope he can make a strong comeback and prove to brendan that we don't need another defender"
7th Jul 2013 1:11
"StRoth: Kolo! u forgot Kolo and Enrique??? His assists have been excellent! So its 4 out of Toure, Enrique, Agger, Skrtel, Kelly, Johnson and hopefully Wisdom. THATs a defence"
7th Jul 2013 1:23
"Top player and for the future."
7th Jul 2013 2:54
"He talks sense this one. I guess he can step up to be the next big CB for us. Surely has the modest atude to go places. "
7th Jul 2013 8:25
"Looking good Kelly, I have hi-hopes for this kid, lets hope he stays injury free for a long time as he's had his fair share already. Looks like he has bulked up slighty which is good at 23 he should start gaining his mature strength. Cant wait for the start of the season. COME ON THE RED MEN YNWA"