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positive words from the skipper is always a lift up for all fans and the team
6th Jul 2013 9:52
6th Jul 2013 10:40
"Good watch. Stevie's looking as excited for the new season as much as I am !"
6th Jul 2013 10:50
"like the goatie :D"
6th Jul 2013 13:31
"i agree with gerrard about certain players need to man up what about downing hes had enough time with boro and villa in the premier league to no whats expected of him.i would give downing till jan to start performing or out the door"
6th Jul 2013 14:11
"positive words from captain fantastic is always raise for all !"
6th Jul 2013 15:34
"Is xabi coming back for 8 million does anyone know this is it real then "
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 20:40
"Does anyone else find it funny so many fans going mad at missing out on the mkhityran deal {lots of witch never even heard of him till last week}6 days into the transfer window and already signed 4 players calm down peaple"
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 20:44
"lfcfootballsuitsme 1534 not heard anything but lets hope its true ehh"
6th Jul 2013 21:39
"br thinks joe allan worth 15 mil. shelvey 5 joe 3 times the player shelvey is, I don't believe it,we are relying on the production line for a top 4 place, lfc are finding it hard to sign an experienced top player.I hope our signings turn out to be superb quality."
6th Jul 2013 21:49
"Well that was a man talking, honest and strong. If you want to have some one to take after, Stevie is not not worst choice. If I was half the man he is I would be ecstatic. "