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Hopefully Papa's coming
7th Jul 2013 12:27
7th Jul 2013 15:04
"I am from Greece,i just learned it i feel very happy!YNWA!!! "
7th Jul 2013 15:35
"Very good news :) hope the next article about greece is the signing of papa YNWA"
9th Jul 2013 22:52
"I look forward to having our Kenyan group account lsck8 featured. I love seeing how the club's fanbase keeps growing. Organic."
17th Jul 2013 18:25
"Wen need a LFC-German Twitter Page. I could do the translations. No problem."
24th Jul 2013 17:54
"watch out greecelfc.....goldman sachs criminal bankster technocrats will take over the twitter feed just like they have taken over everything else in the illegal financial coup d'etat in that fine country.....ris eup greeks...RISE UP! DOWN WITH AUSTERITY. DOWN WITH THE BANKSTER GANGSTERS!"
28th Jul 2013 8:33
"A fab squad this year for us all hope luis stays. just another potent striker needed to team up with sturridge and luis yes jackson from porto would do it cmon the reds"