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im personally all up for youngsters to come throu but shouldnt we get a decent 1st team for the the to compete with 1st?
5th Jul 2013 13:48
5th Jul 2013 14:38
"Agree 247!!..we need a mature winning team..look around Europe and see just how many youngster are on first select..not many..yes some to bring on but the class teams like Bayern are all mature well travelled experienced players....AND Whats happening with Suarez for goodness sake..lets us in on the cunning plan FSG??"
5th Jul 2013 15:20
"Like everything it has to be balanced,it's great having youth just so as long you have a few old heads."
5th Jul 2013 15:24
"Standing by for another mediocre season...and getting used to it. Oh well, all the best to these 'young guns'!"
5th Jul 2013 15:37
"dortmund have the race of hm so who else should we sing for am????"
5th Jul 2013 22:34
"i wish every1 would stop asking whats happening with suarez here my opinion we havnt heard anything because he is STAYING theres not even 1 bid for him and why would we push him out the club like alot of u so called LFC fans seem to either be trying to do or wishing for get a grip lads"
5th Jul 2013 23:05
"luis been given 3 weeks to sort it out od knuckle down. I hope he stays. in Brendan I trust. ynwa j4t96"
6th Jul 2013 0:04
"Seems like there will be no marquee signing this summer so we have no choice but to rely on the youth. A tough season ahead where teams above and below us seem to be buying stronger and more talented players then we are. Just worrying how many more of our more experienced players will leave before the season KO."
6th Jul 2013 7:28
"I hope suraez leaves gona miss 6 games at start of season anyway plus hes already said the media do his head in lets build without him great player but no player is bigger than LFC let danny s lead the way very confident he could get us 30 goals nxt season!!!!"
6th Jul 2013 8:33
"get erikson PLEASE BR"