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well mr palkin will be glad to hear that we like our overpriced players
5th Jul 2013 13:27
5th Jul 2013 13:41
"Time to move on. Sign Eriksen or Macmanaman and Aderweiled instead. Then look for reinforcements in January should they be needed."
5th Jul 2013 13:49
"you cant say leave mkhitaryan and instead get eriksen, whos waiting for a bigger club than liverpool to bid for his services, and mcmanaman whos a wigan player, a decent one but not top 4 imo."
5th Jul 2013 13:58
"This needs sorting, going on too long. If they continue to play games walk away."
5th Jul 2013 14:10
"He is not worth anything over 20M. I laugh everytime we are linked with this guy. Sign a LB, CDM and possibly a RW and we are sorted. Not waste 25M on a single player!"
5th Jul 2013 14:14
"Spuddy-I would say Macmanaman would give us some quality on the wing. The fact that he played for Wigan means nothing to me. It not his fault they were relegated, but you could argue its because of him they won the FA Cup. Lots of Premiership experience and loads of potential at a very reasonable price."
5th Jul 2013 14:18
"I think he is overpriced, there will be far better options that are cheaper "
5th Jul 2013 14:28
"I'm still in for him, if no one else is... Good player, and dynamic enough to play the way BR wants. Truth in the transfer or not, I believe he'd be a good addition 25mil or not. Fickle fans - you'll complain FSG aren't spending enough next."
5th Jul 2013 14:47
"i agree get mkhitaryan.... he is world class, also mcmannam looks superb on the eye my kind a player a fabolous dribbler, also from liverpool why not sign him"
5th Jul 2013 14:51
"This guy is better than eriksen will ever be, Erisken is the most overrated player I have seen, who do all the numpties what him when we PC??? who is clearly better! "
5th Jul 2013 15:11
"if you want the best players you have to pay top money for them."
5th Jul 2013 15:14
"The light - as one of the "numpties" I would argue that HM is no more than a 15-20 pound transfer and 25 plus is a joke. Second, if we are trying to create competition and cover should PC not have it too? Personally, I don't see the need for another midfielder, unless its a durable,tricky winger type like Macmanaman from Wigan."
5th Jul 2013 15:26
"We might over-pay for Mkhitaryan...but hopefully, he'll give us a better return than the 'others'."
5th Jul 2013 15:37
"Overinflated prices for overinflated egos whatever has happened to this sport .................."
5th Jul 2013 15:46
"Still not learn a lesson? How many over-priced players we signed in past 3 years? HAVING A PROUD & DO NOT YIELD TO THEM. We do have choices."
5th Jul 2013 15:47
"Still not learn a lesson? How many over-priced players we signed in past 3 years? HAVING A PROUD & DO NOT YIELD TO THEM. We do have choices."
5th Jul 2013 15:58
"TheLight your statement shows how incredibly enlightened you are....not. eriksen is class and is young, rearing to go. On the other hand mkh is class but this money saga is crazy. just get fischer on the wing, wanyama as a cdm and alderweireld."
5th Jul 2013 16:27
"i think he will go to dortmund their the only ones who have put in a bid for him if we were after him i think we would have bid for him by now for what ever reason it seems we haven't!!"
5th Jul 2013 16:35
"Maybe a good player but too expensive."
5th Jul 2013 16:52
"News is Dortmund officials apparently flying to Shakhtar to seal the deal, so looks like this one is dead and buried. "
5th Jul 2013 16:59
"midtableteam off and support someone else all you ever do is bad mouth us "
red rafa
5th Jul 2013 17:53
"yawn !!! boring same old story .nobody is interested in what shakhtar have to say .there not included in the negotiations . heno can terminate his contract for 20 mill so why pay shakhtar 25 ? Liverpool are waiting for heno to force it through .they can offer him a better contract if he comes for the 20mill termination fee "
5th Jul 2013 18:02
"Move on if he does`nt want to come to us just forget it. We only want Players which want to Play for our badge. And this also goes to Suarez tell us what is going on or move on. Give us a year and we will be in Europe again looking for number six."
5th Jul 2013 18:02
"this deal is taking so long to be completed,when he is not messi;how much is £25m that is taking us one month to sign the player???"
5th Jul 2013 18:14
"If it's true that HM is joining Dortmund instead of LFC... I guess FSG failed to back BR again... If HM was LFC's No.1 target this summer and fail to get him... It's strange how FSG expects LFC fans to back BR but seem to forget to back him themselves... FSG needs to make a statement to the fans they want LFC and BR to succeed by backing BR... I really hope they do... YNWA "
5th Jul 2013 19:29
"Old story again "
5th Jul 2013 20:27
"According to, a deal with Dortmund is 99% done... :("
5th Jul 2013 21:55
"we didn't even bid .how will it would happened and we only bid for a central defender .That's it and all those gossip is juz white lies .Owner can't afford unless there is selling ."
5th Jul 2013 21:56
"I find it very strange that we've been linked with the lad for so long and yet not made a bid.Its a Shame cus he's the only player we've been linked with that is top draw.Too slow again lfc!"
5th Jul 2013 22:04
"End of the day we only get 1 more player and I am sick of this every season .FSG will not splash out the cash unless we sell downing ,Henderson ,borini and suarez"
5th Jul 2013 22:07
"He has gone to Dortmund "
Innocent man
5th Jul 2013 22:15
"If we want to be at the top, we most spend money and after buying young players,we need player like him in addition and he is not a gamble but player that we all know his ability of changing game any moment.the player is ready to come with 20 but his club is the problem and i believe he will deliver his best.And we should not forget our rivals are buying or already have world class."
5th Jul 2013 22:23
"you lot are all so quick to jump to conclusions are u all gona be so against him if he turns up in a red shirt for 1st game dont be so sure that we havnt made a bid or we r out of it this guy dusnt want to loose his player so he has been saying all sorts over the last few weeks "
5th Jul 2013 22:24
"Apparently we had a bid, but talks didn't happen for whatever reason."
5th Jul 2013 22:25
"if he comes then its amazeing for us if he dusnt we will get sum1 else BR has said we r getting another attacking mid so we will get 1 WE DONT DO OUR DEALS IN THE PRESS dont u think if we werent even in for him sum1 would of said its alot of rubbish to the press im sure a few in the club hav been asked"
5th Jul 2013 22:33
"Then again there has been no confirmation from either Dortmund or Shakhtar yet so I'll wait until it's actually confirmed that he's gone."
LfC sheen
5th Jul 2013 23:03
"I think that 25 mill would be too much of a gamble on this player, yes he could be one of the missing pieces in the jigsaw but on the other hand can we afford to have another megabucks flop.. Mcmanaman I feel would add something extra to the team as he is very direct and has the pace an skill t take on defenders"
5th Jul 2013 23:07
"According to BBC... HM is going to Dortmund for £21.5M ... FSG & Ian Ayre too slow again... They're not backing BR again... Guess FSG made their statement... Same as last summer again? Feel sorry for BR having to work with people who never seem to learn... YNWA"
5th Jul 2013 23:11
"apparently mknhitaryan has all but excepted a deal with Dortmund, end of story."
5th Jul 2013 23:59
"BBC are now reporting the deal is done. He has signed for Dortmund and it sounds like we didn't even make a bid. No doubt the 2 more signings BR was talking about will be U21's with the usual bull***t of how they will be exciting players. Not looking forward to next season especially with the players teams above us are signing and the fact that Suarez will leave. "
6th Jul 2013 0:04
"looks like he's going to Dortmund hopefully that leaves us open to grab Eriksen if we get him I think we can look forward to a good season"
6th Jul 2013 0:05
"We should switch our attention to a DM and Defenders. "
6th Jul 2013 0:32
"I think we should be going after Samuel Eto. He is fed up with Russia and wants a chance to play in EPL before he retires. Lethal goalscorer. Who has expressed an interest in LFC. Go For IT Buck "
Top 4 for sure
6th Jul 2013 0:32
"This is so frustrating. We were too slow again an instead we will get another inexperienced youngster. Only hope now lies in eriksen."
6th Jul 2013 0:36
"Definately agree about McManaman at Wigan. The lads got a swagger about him not a box of tricks that makes other winger predicable. He shows real determination to beat his man. However, I doubt if BR will buy him but I would like to see him with us at the right price."
6th Jul 2013 0:38
"Would anyone actually be surprised that he went to Dortmund though? You can claim that FSG and Ayre didn't do enough but Dortmund are CL and Bundesliga runners-up. ATM they are bigger than us and have a better pulling power for players."
6th Jul 2013 0:51
"This guy played on a pretty weak league and there is way he can score more than 10 goals per season in PL. He is not better than Sturridge, Borini, Sterling, etc. in addiyion, We are overcrowded with attacking midfielders. We need a straight striker who can play up front and scores goals."
6th Jul 2013 1:01
"Glad that is done and dusted. I would have liked to see him at Anfield, but no where near the prices being mentioned. He eventually chose champions league runners up, we'll see how he holds up on a truly compeive league."
6th Jul 2013 1:12
"Final thought for those of you spouting that FSG is not backing the manager. First they ousted a Liverpool icon to bring him in, if he fails its on them. They bought Sturridge and Coutinho in January, and have grabbed 4 players before July 1 with more still to come. Don't forget, they saved us from administration and allowed the Dalglish, Comoli regime to overspend. Lessons learned."
Papa Syed
6th Jul 2013 2:19
"Goodbye HM! So much talk on him. Let's move on. This means LS is staying?????"
6th Jul 2013 2:42
"BR is trying to build a team to challenge for top 4... So FSG are backing him by not letting him sign his top target? DS and PC were signed in January due to the huge mistakes made last summer... 4 players signed costs covered more or less by sales of AC and JS... How are FSG backing BR? By not giving him the opportunity to sign players he needs due to other peoples mistakes... "
6th Jul 2013 2:42
"This was not just about the money ... it was about not acting quickly enough to close the deal due to arrogance or incompetence in the transfer market again..."
6th Jul 2013 3:14
"would ppl stop saying the club did not act quickly enough... we and the press have no clue what the club has done. for all anyone knows HM was never even a target. he also has the choice to chose what he wants to do, its not like he is going to a second rate team. if he chose not to come, there are many others, who truly knew him before he was linked? "
6th Jul 2013 3:20
"MidTableTeam...obvious you like to wind ppl up, for one your name is a joke, great way to support 'your' team. Would you give over in saying 'we' like overpriced players. if you haven't noticed the 'we' who spent big on not so great players are no longer in change. The owners have learnt their lesson and BR and their staff have shown they wont be held to ransom, while also buying very wisely. "
6th Jul 2013 3:48
"If HM was not LFC's top target or a target... LFC should make a statement on this website telling the fans and the rest of the world... It's quite damaging for LFC's image as most of the media are reporting "LFC miss out on top target..." Not good for attracting top quality players or making a statement that LFC will be challenging next season..."
6th Jul 2013 6:06
"Johnvet - the club stated when we signed Luis Alberto that he was a top target, you are complaining about the media claiming HM was our top target. In not worried about the media hype or gossip, that's just what it is, gossip! Fun to read and speculate about 25% true."
6th Jul 2013 7:22
"seems like we got another up on our hands ala dempsey... if all this is official, hope he ends up like demsey then :) ...twice it have been said that the player was about to sign for liverpool but nothing happened... maybe the same will happen to dortmund :)"
6th Jul 2013 7:40
"Any chance we can ban mid table team? He's clearly not a fan and has no business here. In relation to the report; If Shaktar value him at 30 million Euros why does the article state that we will have to pay over that? Surely 30 million euros will do it. I just hope he is good enough for our league. Very two footed and looks like he can spot a pass or a run really well."
6th Jul 2013 8:17
"BR lets see where r u heading after end of this season 2013-14 .I hope no more excuse from you and what position we r in .no more below 4th position and we need to give him pressure ."
6th Jul 2013 9:43
"We as fans have known about our desire to sign this player for weeks yet we drag our heals and didnt even get a chance to negotiate with the player..Beggars belief! What on earth were we doing dragging it out so long..The club needs to explain what went wrong or at least tell us he didnt want to come to our club..I just hope they have other targets."
6th Jul 2013 10:04
"we buy the likes of allen , hendo,downing for aeound 20 mil and now this is expensive , yes i agree he is not saurez but lets agree we got saurez for cheap"
6th Jul 2013 10:53
"This news is very disapointing!!!! and unless we sign at lest one land mark player then we know that our owners will be happy with us finishing mid table year in year out...We will see time will tell:-(("
6th Jul 2013 10:53
"Well, it seems Mkhitaryan is off to Dortmund for less than the rumoured asking price. Won't be the last disappointment this year...and that's not counting the imminent departure of Suarez! Any 'star' players coming in???"
6th Jul 2013 11:04
"As long as we dont let suerez go for peanuts then i think we should kick him out as he has brought nothing but shame and embarresment on or great club..And i dont think Henrikh Mkhitaryan would have made it in the prem league any how..."
6th Jul 2013 11:08
"saturday and still no acknowledgement on these gossip pages that he AINT comin to LFC . You can keep us dangling as much as you like but a glossy gossipy home page is NOT thew way to win les"
6th Jul 2013 11:11
"BBC sport says he has signed for Dortmand so thats it....Need to move on and see what master stroke we have lined up.."
6th Jul 2013 11:13
"The only relived person this morning is Dhd39 who stated he would eat his socks while mooning out of mickey dee s window if MH signed for us:0"
6th Jul 2013 12:15
"Gutted but not surprised we lost out on Mknhitaryan. For those calling for Erikson he is not interested he wants CL football. I would go for Honda and Wanyama who we could get for a combined fee of £20m. Honda is experienced, hard working and proven quality yet is cheap as he only has 6 months left on his contract. "
6th Jul 2013 12:19
"He has already gone to Dortmund."
LfC sheen
6th Jul 2013 12:42
"As far as I'm aware it was all media speculation linking us with this player, no one from liverpool came out and said he was a target for us, so what's the problem with some fans? Wake up and Stop believing everything u read in the papers.. He was overpriced anyway "
6th Jul 2013 12:55
"European footy is wheres its at,unfortunately we aint good enough,and its sad to see spurs buying better players than us, but we've got to stick together this coming season and hopefully win a trophy and finish top4 "
6th Jul 2013 13:25
"We don't need anyone who has no desire to put on the red shirt with pride. .. We have enough talent to mount a challenge this season. "
7th Jul 2013 2:08
"Redopium... just because spurs have paid more than what we have does not make Paulinhio a better player than any of those we have signed. he is Brazilian so will almost always be overpriced. he had a good game in the confed cup final, but in the other matches looked pretty ordinary. i dont see him setting the PL alight. he is no better than Lucas "