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Jordan Rossiter is gonna be massive!
5th Jul 2013 12:50
5th Jul 2013 13:18
"chris110, one defo to watch."
5th Jul 2013 13:23
"Jordan Rossiter, fingers crossed."
5th Jul 2013 13:41
"Well done youngsters "
5th Jul 2013 13:50
"Good to see Lloyd Jones get a pro deal. THis boy is going to be a beast for us in a couple of years. Good look to all the scholars YNWA"
5th Jul 2013 14:32
"the youth needs to work :) this is probably the Brandan initiative :)"
5th Jul 2013 14:36
"Jack Dunn will be the next one to make the step up,he reminds me of gazza.With the ffp coming in clubs will be looking to youth more and I think we have a great set up.I can't remember the last time we had so many talented youngsters the future is bright!"
5th Jul 2013 14:38
"Also watch out for ojo,he looks the part."
5th Jul 2013 15:10
"Rossiter and Lloyd-Jones are gonna be top top level players and i think Sinclair and Ojo are defo ones t keep an eye on as well. Good luck lads "
5th Jul 2013 16:35
"Congratulations to the lads. Can't wait to see some of them in a few years time when they progress into the senior squad, especially Sinclair, Rossiter, Dunn, Jones and others. We've got an abundance of hot prospects coming through. Kinda wondering how we'll manage them all if they live up to their reputation."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
5th Jul 2013 18:30
"Congrats to all of you young lads. Best of luck in the greatest club in the world. YNWA"
5th Jul 2013 21:39
"Congratulations lads, especially to Alex O'Hanlon. I'm lookin forward to seeing an Irishman on the pitch in the the only jersey worth playing for! Keep up the hard work and your day will come. YNWA "
6th Jul 2013 16:28
"good luck lads,two other players i believe have stepped up to 21's as well who get overlooked joe maguire and cameron brannigan well done!!ones for the future."
6th Jul 2013 16:46
"Yeah rossiter will be future alonso or Gerrard"