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The event strengthens the club's partnership with Liverpool Pride after the Reds became the first team in the Barclays Premier League to be involved with a Pride March in 2012. Good we're so forward thinking!
7th Jul 2013 14:15
7th Jul 2013 14:42
"This of course won't be mentioned by the national media"
7th Jul 2013 19:55
"Great to see our club is represented . It is such a fun event that everybody will enjoy themselves I am sure ."
I told you so
8th Jul 2013 14:17
"smyth77: that's because it is a local story, not because the media hates LFC as you infer. All clubs have social inclusion / diversity officers now & do very similar activities. I worked for Charlton Athletic's Social Inclusion Unit for a season in 1998/9 doing exactly this kind of thing.. "
8th Jul 2013 18:59
"Not in my name !"
11th Jul 2013 15:41
"Why is the club so ashamed of this that it's not on the front page of the website or on the facebook page? And belfastwill, we'll make them all put the banner with your face on away. It's a shame, we'd made a rainbow portrait."