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nothing better than seeing the picture of your dream place in tweets,hope to be there oneday...
Binam Paudyal
6th Jul 2013 10:01
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 13:47
"I love the red home shirts warrior have done for us but last years away and 3rd kit were awful and new white one is too. the purple one looked bad at first but its kinda growing on me i will have to get one before i change my mind"
6th Jul 2013 15:47
"lets sign jonjo Shelvey for £10M next season oh sorry Brenden did you have that planned already. We are a laughing stock brought Andy Carroll for £35M and lose £20M"
6th Jul 2013 20:09
"If Carra was still playing, Luis Alberto would have to get the Scouse for Football book instead. "
6th Jul 2013 20:29
"very nice words ! bike is so cool :) tattoos is cool ! I will also take lessons in English :)It's a beautiful city! I also looked at net :) poZz "
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 20:48
"Those pictures of the city look amazing GREAT AIR BRUSHING WORK or what"
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 20:56
"lfcbornbred 15:47 sounds about wright give Ince away as well now want him back for 8 mill will be after that scandanevien kid from fulham next"
coutinho star
6th Jul 2013 21:00
"kacaniklic i mean from above"
6th Jul 2013 23:05
"Whats going on? now we are losing Ardorjan another top midfielder. He is better than Hendo even now. I have been watching this guy get better and better. Hope we have a buy back clause."
7th Jul 2013 1:28
"Some legends and good players and future stars. Great!"