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Average player.
5th Jul 2013 9:05
5th Jul 2013 9:27
"Please don't buy all attacking player because we still aren't good with holding opponent attack. So for me get Erikson, Toby and X. Alonso too plus try for Ilori as he has potential to be good d.efender in near future"
5th Jul 2013 10:03
"D next thing i want to hear nw is done deal for mkhitaryan. "
5th Jul 2013 10:20
"3 millions for Atsu is very fair price, but i think that we have great young players and we must give them a real chance like Dortmund and not like Chelsea which sell their young plyers and buy the prove players from other leagues. Our way is better way, the youngsters must give their chance to show something. and it is cheaper way..."
5th Jul 2013 11:17
"3m is a steal, hes left footer with pace and dribbling ability, should buy him at this price"
5th Jul 2013 11:59
"I hope next time we see from Liverpool Echo is we signed Mkhitaryan already. Please remember even we got good players last two weeks, we still not capable to compete with others. We need more money to buy good players. Remember the net spend is 2M now as we sell two players at 21M..."
5th Jul 2013 12:32
"rubbish player"
5th Jul 2013 12:35
"So far BR has only done shrewd bit of business but no big name player has signed yet. If Atsu is average, what does that make Downing? A championship player at best. Get rid of the dead wood and sign a couple of top players or we will be aiming for 6th again! "
5th Jul 2013 13:09
"LFC should rely on their academy resources that is the future and that is one good reason the management team should be trusted so sooner or later their hard work will bear fruits."
5th Jul 2013 13:13
"If we dont spend money, how can player like Suarez stay? Arsenal will get Higuain and Toot already got Paulinho........ Spend now and make Suarez to stay."
5th Jul 2013 13:57
"good news would rather use sterling and Ibe, our young lads deserve there chance to step up! and we seen last season what a fully fit sterling can do, he just became tired after too many games"
5th Jul 2013 13:58
"Re: the last sentence that say Liverpool are willing to pay up to 25 million Pounds for Mkhitaryan and the Express comment that Shakhtar want 30 million Euros. According to my currency converter 25 million Pounds equals 29 million Euros. Seems pretty close to me. "
5th Jul 2013 14:19
"Good decision. We should have a good choice of first team players, but not so many that our young players don't get a chance. Ibe and Sterling have a great chance of becoming Premiership regulars."