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Aye, Raheem, that hair is something else, mate...
6th Jul 2013 9:02
6th Jul 2013 9:05
"Great to see the squad training and new signing settling in, cant wait for the pre season"
6th Jul 2013 10:02
"best pics is Iago Aspas"
6th Jul 2013 10:09
"Iago Aspas looks man on a mission"
6th Jul 2013 10:11
"I'm worried about Martin Kelly jumping it might break him! ;-) Hope he stays injury free this season."
6th Jul 2013 10:24
"Cant even recognize Kelly looks Italian! "
6th Jul 2013 10:26
"It'll come in handy during the match learning how to jump over sticks "
6th Jul 2013 10:37
"Martin Kelly looks like Alberto Aquilani with his new hairstyle."
6th Jul 2013 11:04
"Exino I thought we had signed Falcao! No it's Kelly!!!"
6th Jul 2013 11:25
"Ye, good pictures and we can see that they wore the new 3rd kit, not by choice though I am sure !!!!! "
Dede 7
6th Jul 2013 15:47
"João Carlos Teixeira. i think many would agree that he should be training with these lads. i think he is a good footballer. i hope he gets his chance. YWNWA."
6th Jul 2013 16:27
"does anyone else thinks that Jack R and Luis Alberto could be brothers? They are very alike."
Vosta Lee
6th Jul 2013 17:13
"I too thought he looked like an Italian I couldn't recall (yes, it is Aquilani). I also thought that he looked like a striker rather than a defender though I didn't think of Falcao. I like the intensity shown in Iago's eyes. He's going places with us. You heard it here first."
6th Jul 2013 19:04
"The success has gone to the top of raheem's head- looks like little richard."
7th Jul 2013 2:44
"i really dont think this kit is as bad as everyone first thought. neither is the second one. we have the beautiful classic red first kit and the club know 90% of fans will buy it no matter what the other kits looked like. why not have something a bit different, Stevie and dagger wear it well in these pics "
7th Jul 2013 6:59
"<3 Coutinho <3 Looking forward to next season...and Coutinho's second season..Love him"